Sibling strength is the best gift of God

During childhood, the small sibling fights over a toy, over a favourite dish or even who gets to sleep near the mother and father are the most beautiful moments of life. It is sad to see that the same sibling relations when grown up become mechanical and lost in the day to day running of life. It is always refreshing to remove sometime and revive the loving moments of childhood with each other so that the bond of unconditional love stays intact. This intact affection has been an inspiration to our Indian family from none other than our Ramayan.

Shri Ram was seen without the company of Mata Sita, but never without the company of Lakshman. Lakshman was the shadow of Shri Ram, be it in the travels with Rishi Vishwamitr, or to the exile, or in the fight on Lanka. When Lakshman falls unconscious, Shri Ram decides to end his life without continuing the battle for Mata Sita and weeps like a child. Shri Ram considered Lakshman as his father and also son, and could never see himself apart from him. Even today, when one mentions brotherly love, they compare it to the pair of “Ram Lakshman”.

Lakshman’s brotherly love was great as he saw his god, parents and his guide in Shri Ram. A child becomes an elder in the family as soon as he or she has a sibling and they need to give the secured feeling to the younger ones that they are there to take care of them. Shri Ram always took care of his brothers which gave them a secured feeling. The younger ones in turn can show their gratitude by serving them and Lakshman did this task very beautifully.

Being close to Lakshman did not stop Shri Ram from loving Bharat. Bharat’s love for Shri Ram was not open as Lakshman, but Shri Ram loved him for what he was. Shri Ram always defended Bharat, be it the childhood fights, in giving up the throne or even when making Lakshman understand the nature of Bharat in Chitrakut. For Shri Ram, Bharat was a representation of Dharma and Shri Ram believed in him even when Bharat was ridiculed for the acts of his mother Kaikeyi.

Bharat’s love for Shri Ram was total devotion. He took up the values of Shri Ram as his guiding forces and never let anybody come in between them, be it even his very own mother. When a younger sibling safeguards the rights of the elder one, then he or she becomes a role model for the entire family and Bharat proves this through his noble behaviour.

In a family of many siblings, it is quite natural that there is one who is the silent one. Shatrughan being the silent one spoke through his actions when he played his role very responsibly and took care of his family in difficult times. He was not delicate as he was the youngest, but as strong as his brothers in the conduct of Dharma. He showed Manthara her right place when he punished her for her deeds. This only proves that the silent sibling is the strongest strength of the family.


Siblings who can stay together in all good and bad times are precious gifts of the Almighty. It is because the Almighty understood the beautiful bond of siblings, that he himself became a sibling as Shri Ram to his younger brothers and took delight in his brothers all his lifetime.