Significance of burning camphor in homes during religious rituals

Camphor or Kapoor has a very special place in Indian rituals. It has numerous benefits both scientifically and religiously. The Indian method of worshipping God is deeply connected with numerous scientific reasons and camphor plays a major part in it. Burning Camphor helps in removing the bacteria present at home.

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In ancient Vedas, it is believed that burning camphor or Kapoor helps in transforming the negative energy into positive vibes through its unique and powerful composition. When we talk about the importance of Kapoor from an Ayurvedic point of view, it has a special place in the entire Ayurveda as it is also used in the preparation of numerous natural medicines.

Importance of camphor in Pooja

Burning Kapoor in the house while worshipping God helps in spreading positivity in the entire house and it also removes bacteria that create several health issues. It purifies the environment and thus, in every Pooja, Kapoor is always used during the entire process. Even scientific studies reveal that the smoke coming out from burning camphor makes surroundings positive by relaxing brains.

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Another major significance of burning camphor in the house is that it reduces the ‘Vastu Dosha’ and also prevents insects from entering the houses for a long time. If you want clean air in the house, just keep little camphor chunks in every corner and experience the difference.