Sita – The representation of the silent strength

For a woman, being Sita is not a symbol of silent suffering, but of silent strength. In today’s contemporary times, the patience and integrity of Mata Sita gives inspiration for all women to be strong and face the tough challenges of life.


The strength of Shri Ram lies in Mata Sita. When the young prince and princess met each other for the first time, it was love at first sight. But, just as Shri Ram, Mata Sita shows dignity here in supporting her father’s vow first, and does not disclose her love for Shri Ram openly. She honours her father’s dignity more than her love for Shri Ram. A woman’s dignity always begets respect.

It is not a man who is bounded by Dharma, but equally a woman too. Mata Sita is not only the dutiful wife of Shri Ram by taking care of him, but also a wife who reminds him of her responsibility towards Dharma. She is firm and outspoken and prefers the forest along with Shri Ram, instead of the royal palace. As the loyal wife to Shri Ram, she rejects what all Shri Ram sacrifices, including the royal clothes. She shows how strong a woman can be when it comes to sacrificing comforts and stand up for Dharma.

Mata Sita is an personification of endurance. A woman can give strength to her dear ones by being calm, patient and understanding. Mata Sita gives strength to Shri Ram by silently accompanying him in his long journeys of the forest. She does not complain about her life in the forest and never lets him feel bad about the difficult life in the forest. Her calm and cheerful presence gives lot of courage to Shri Ram to face the hardships of the forest, and he goes on doing his duty steadily.

Mata Sita is not the oppressed or the underlying woman, but an independent and a confident woman who does step back in asking questions. She asks Shri Ram whether it is right to kill somebody while leading a life of a hermit. This shows her knowledge of Dharma in various aspects. She warns Ravan that any ill respect towards her would lead to his doom. In times of mishap also, she shows great presence of mind and throws her jewels to the monkey group from Ravan’s aerial chariot. This timely action of hers gives Shri Ram all the leads to reach her successfully. She demonstrates that knowledge and presence of mind will help woman overcome any grave danger.


Although Hanuman offers to take her back to Shri Ram on his back, Mata Sita refuses it against her honour. She gives respect to herself and Shri Ram’s honour and says that she would regain it back only when Ravan is punished by Shri Ram. A woman’s honour lies in maintaining herself and her family dignity too, even in adverse situations. Being a woman of self-respect, she prefers to take the Agni Pariksha rather than face the questions of her chastity. She sacrifices her life as a queen when questioned by the people of Ayodhya, but does not go back on the responsibilities of bringing up her twin sons as replicas of courage and truthfulness.

Being the daughter of Mother Earth, Mata Sita shows all qualities of patience, endurance, courage, self-respect and carved a niche of her own. She is the strength of womanhood and Shri Ram in all times infinite.