Sita’s Sisters- The silent support of Mata Sita

The Ramayan is a beautiful example of sibling love and affection, and this not only portrays the bond of affection between Shri Ram and his brothers, but also between Mata Sita and her sisters. The less talked sibling relation, yet important one reflected in Ramayan is between Mata Sita and her sisters which is equal to the bonding of Shri Ram and his brothers.


Shri Ram wins the hand of Mata Sita in the Swayamvar by breaking the Shiv Dhanush. When the marriage discussions are held, both the families decide that along with the marriage of Shri Ram and Mata Sita, the three brothers of Shri Ram are wedded to the three sisters of Sita as their were suitable to the brothers in all aspects. This was wholeheartedly agreed by Maharaj Janak and the marriage ceremonies began with the happiness spreading in the cities of Mithila and Ayodhya.

Shri Ram’s bonding with Mata Sita was celebrated with great joy. Bharat was married to Mandavi, Lakshman to Urmila and Shatrughan to Shrutakirti. The sisters were as noble as the brothers and very fond of their elder sister Sita. Very soon, they won the hearts of all with their humble and caring nature in Ayodhya.

Following their husbands, all the four sisters conducted their duty of Dharma too as their prime duty. However, their real strength was put to test when Mata Sita followed Shri Ram to the forests and faced hardships of life with a smile. While Mata Sita did her duty by following Shri Ram, her sisters performed their duty by becoming the support of the family. When Lakshman left for the forest, Urmila faced the greatest challenge of being separated with him and staying back to look after the family back in Ayodhya. Urmila takes all the pain of separation and does her duty of taking care of Maharaj Dasarth and Queen Kaushalya for the cause of Shri Ram and her sister. She never shows any anger on the turn of events and never vents out her grief, but takes all in her stride with courage thus becoming an epitome of sacrifice and duty in womanhood.

When Bharat leaves for Nandigram, after Shri Ram’s exile, Mandavi also stays back at the palace to take care of the Queens. With Maharaj Dasarath’s passing away, the whole of Ayodhya is in grief. Bharat gives Mandavi the duty of taking care of Mata Kaushalya and comforting her and it becomes the duty of Mandavi to stay back at the palace and take care of the queen mothers. Without any complaints, Mandavi does her duty without any complaints and with a sense of responsibility. Shrutakirti joins her sisters as the obedient one and along with Shatrughan fulfils her duties as the support to her sisters and family.

The conduct of Dharma is not confined to any set of individuals. The four princesses grew up in the loving care of Maharaj Janak and Sunaina, but never went back on their responsibilities. As the princesses of Ayodhya, they represented the respect and dignity of Ayodhya. The sisters of Mata Sita give a beautiful example that although one is not open and less known in expressing their bond of love and affection, but yet, it is being the silent support of each other is what which makes the real difference.