Snake as a deity in Hinduism

Everyone has witnessed that in Hinduism each and every living being is been treated with respect, and if we see it religiously then everything is connected with God and worshipped in various ways. Likewise, Snakes hold a different and honorable position in our culture as per the Hindu Scriptures. There are many places where people have built temples for Snakes, where people offer milk to the real Snakes and worship them.ImageSource

It is to be said that in Hinduism Snakes are referred to as deities, and there are many occurrences in the past, where they play a crucial role as a helping hand of Gods and other Deity. Some of the prominent events like Ocean churning, we have seen Bhagwan Vishnu is originally portrayed in the form sheltered by Sheshnaag, etc. The most poisonous snake Cobra named as Vāsuki is famous for coiling around Bhagwan Shiva’s neck, who blessed and wore him as an ornament, he is described as having a gem called Nagamani on his head.It is believed that Goddess Mansa sister of Vasuki is known as Maa Mansa queen of the Snakes, chiefly worshipped for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and prosperity.  According to Hindus, the snakes represent rebirth, death, and mortality. As snakes shed their skin it almost represents a ‘rebirth’ or being ‘reborn.’ The snakes referred with the Gods are believed to be their great devotees. It is beautiful that our culture teaches us to respect every living being, and in our Hindu scriptures, they have given reasonable values, which give great respect to our culture.