Story of ancient Brihadisvara temple in Tamil Nadu: Glory of a powerful king

Brihadisvara temple is among the oldest temples of India. It was constructed under the glory of Raja Chola, who was the ruling king of ancient parts of Tamil Nadu. An interesting fact about this temple’s construction is that Raja Chola had a dream in which he saw the vision of this temple while visiting Sri Lanka.

After he came back, he ordered to build a massive temple in the state which would reflect his victorious vision for everyone. It took 12 years to complete this temple in 1011 AD. The height of the temple is 216 feet. He dedicated this temple to Lord Shiva.

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This historic location is listed under the World Heritage Site and it is inspired by the Tamil Nadu signature high-wall construction style. Another interesting fact about this temple is that it has a fort-like entrance, separate multiple rooms, long corridors and paintings of Shiva on the walls of this architecture.

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This divine temple is constructed using 130,000 tons of granite and archaeologists still do not have any clue how the giant pieces of granite were moved here for the construction of the temple. It is believed that more than 1000 elephants were used to move large granite slabs.

The stones on top of the tower are of 80 tons and it measures 23 feet around and 9 feet high. Many people believe that ball-shaped structures on the top of the temple are placed to keep the evil energy away and it’s constructed to circulate the flow of Vedic energy around the temple.

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The mesmerizing paintings of Lord Shiva are the key attractions of this temple. They reflect the powerful vision of Raja Chola. The temple is a marvel in its own which attracts thousands of visitors every year.