Success lessons from Ramayan

Today, it is a corporate world. The world is more globally connected than before and corporates rule the world. In such a scenario, it is a pride factor that our age old epics and timeless scriptures have long back defied the principles of a perfect corporate system which lead to success. Few such success lessons which Shri Ram teaches us are

Step out of the comfort zone

When Shri Ram had to leave for the exile, he prepared himself, Mata Sita and Lakshman to forgo their comfort zones and lifestyle of the palace and prepare for the tough life in the forest. For a good leader is always ready to come out of the comfort zone and work with his team in any adverse condition.


All are Equal

Shri Ram never saw any difference between the high and low in the society. An employer should be able to treat all his subordinates in the same to gain their confidence. Be it Nishad Raj or the royal ministers of his Ayodhya, Shri Ram he treated all with affection and equality and won the confidence of all

The journey should go on

In Chitrakut, Shri Ram convinces Bharat that a kingdom should not be left idle and helps him gain focus on the duty of the subjects, rather than sitting dejected at the turn of events. He ensures that there is continuity of governance and the life of his people is not affected, in spite of his whole family getting scattered, which speaks of a leader who thinks beyond himself.

Not losing calm in crisis

In spite of all precautions, Mata Sita was abducted. Shri Ram, was stuck with grief, yet does not lose his calm and starts his search for Mata Sita. With a positive attitude, he searches one forest to the other and finally finds the whereabouts of Mata Sita. A good leader never loses cool and fights back the situation which in turn motivates his subordinates to work towards the goal.

Team Motivation

When Sampati tells them Mata Sita’s whereabouts, Angad, Jambavant and rest all motivate Hanuman to cross the ocean and find her. They all motivate him and unleash his power which was lying hidden inside him. They teach that proper motivation and team work brings out positive and amazing results.



When Vibhishan seeks refuge, Shri Ram first listens to the counsel of all his members, and then while respecting their advice, convinces them to believe in Vibhishan. Conviction is a must quality and sometimes it gives great results when one goes with what one’s mind. By giving refuge to Vibhishan, Shri Ram permanently earns the loyalty of Vibhishan

Confidence building

Shri Ram never loses confidence in his team, even when he has no idea how to cross the mighty ocean, Later, he motivates them to build the bridge, reach Lanka and finally defeat Ravan. This is an important quality of a leader that he never loses faith in his team and with his confidence build up the confidence of the team too.

It is no wonder that successful people like Barack Obama have been influenced by our epics of Ramayan and Mahbharat. For an individual who wants to walk on the path of success in the world, it is important to understand that it starts at home and believe in our strong values imparted through the ages through our epics.