Sugriv motivates Shri Ram for battle

Hanuman seals the fate of Lanka with his superior act of Lanka Dahan and returns back to Shri Ram. Shri Ram is delighted with Hanuman’s successful accomplishment of the task. He embraces Hanuman with great affection. Sincere devotion always is dear to God. The act of Hanuman is beyond comprehension that he goes to any extent for Shri Ram’s task to be done. With the news given by Hanuman, each and every Vanar is filled with great vigour and zeal and now are ready for the journey to Lanka.


But, looking at the Chudamani given by Mata Sita, Shri Ram is tormented by grief and lost in thoughts of Mata Sita. Sugriv notices this, and as a true friend gives solace to Shri Ram. Time and destiny are two major things in which sometimes even the most intellectual and mighty warriors also lose heart. Seeing such condition of Shri Ram, as a true friend who guides directs the lost one into the right path and reminds him of his strength, Sugriv does his job as a very dear friend and devotee of Shri Ram. He sees Shri Ram’s grief filled face for Mata Sita and motivates Shri Ram to get ready for battle. He comforts Shri Ram and asks him to keep away from all thoughts which are apprehensive and motivates Shri Ram to believe that the day of meeting Mata Sita is not far away.

Sugriv summons all the Vanars of his kingdom and all meet to decide the next strategy needed. He mentions to Shri Ram about the surge of energy among the Vanars which reflect all the qualities required for a team to achieve victory in a given task. He mentions to Shri Ram that the Vanars are ready to jump even into fire for his sake. He encourages Shri Ram to take steps to construct a bridge and they reach Lanka.

Sugriv asks Shri Ram to remove all anxieties which pull him back with worry. Sugriv says that it is only when something dear is lost, that one needs to be even stronger and gain it back. Sugirv praises Shri Ram for his intellect and being knowledgeable about all texts and scriptures and his magnanimous power in all of the three worlds. It is only Shri Ram who can defeat Ravan and his army and Sugriv says that they would totally be with him to support him.


Sugriv praises Shri Ram that when he yields the bow, there is none who can withstand him. Sugriv foretells the future wherein Shri Ram and Mata Sita are together and good triumphs over evil. Sugriv requests Shri Ram to find out a solution to cross the ocean and leave the rest to his army who would lay down their lives for him. Sugriv also mentions the power of the Vanar army that they are bearers of divine powers and can change into any form they like. He says that his army would crush the demons like how the huge boulders and trees are crushed in an avalanche.

Sugriv visions of a victorious Shri Ram along with Mata Sita and he sees all good omens happening and his heart fills with belief that the grief of Shri Ram would soon come to an end. Sugriv does his foremost duty as a true friend of Shri Ram that a friend in need is a friend indeed. With the encouragement given by Sugriv, Shri Ram with renewed energy and enthusiasm, gears up for the journey to Lanka.