Tara- Reflecting honesty and duty as the wife of Bali

Ramayan gives the utmost importance in defining how crucial the role of a woman is in a man’s life. In fact, Shri Ram proves that a woman’s honour and integrity is the most important aspect of Dharma, where he assimilates millions of Vanar warriors to rescue the honour of Mata Sita. In this defence of honour of a woman, it is not only man but every woman too in Ramayan, who does her part in upholding the duty and respect towards their Dharma. Right from Queen Kaushalya to Trijata, all women played their part towards Dharma, and one such chaste woman is Tara, the wife of the mighty warrior Bali.


Tara was not only the devoted wife, but also a lady of conviction, intelligence and courage. In Valmiki Ramayan, Tara is described as the daughter of the monkey physician Sushen. Few other sources mention her as an Apsara born from the churning of Milky Ocean and gifted to Bali for his help in the Samudra Manthan. Tara and Bali get married and have a son Angad, who is wise, powerful and devoted to his parents. During the fall out of Bali and Sugriv, Tara advises Bali to be diligent and forgive Sugriv, but as Bali refuses, she becomes silent. However, as an intellectual lady and concerned about the safety of her husband, she always keep an eye out on Sugriv.

When Shri Ram befriends Sugriv, Tara understands the heroic power of Shri Ram and feels worried about Bali’s safety. When Sugriv challenges Bali for a fight, she suspects that Shri Ram is helping Sugriv. Although initially Sugriv fails, her worry increases when Sugriv re- challenges Bali.

Being the clever one, she suggests to Bali that a combatant would not return back so soon after losing a battle and she suspects that Shri Ram and Lakshman are helping Sugriv. Knowing that Dharma is on their side, Tara without taking sides, urges Bali to make peace with Sugriv and also make friendship with Shri Ram, so that no harm would befall him. However Bali does not agree to this and he goes to fight Sugriv. Tara’s fears come true when Bali is shot by Shri Ram and she rushes to him in his last moments.

However, as a truthful woman, even in such great sorrow also, instead of rebuking Shri Ram, Tara accepts Bali’s defeat as a punishment for his bad deeds. But, unable to take the separation from her husband, she requests Shri Ram to kill her also as she believes that as a chaste wife, she has to follow her husband. But Shri Ram consoles her and requests her to understand that the soul is immortal and enlightens her about the cycle of birth and death, thus giving courage to her. Before dying, Bali mentions Sugriv to always seek Tara’s advice as her counsel would never go wrong.

After Bali’s death, Tara stays with Sugriv and advises him in all the matters regarding to the welfare of the kingdom. Tara has all the qualities of an independent woman and is an inspiration in today’s times. She sets an example of being a woman who faces challenges of life as they come and make them turn into wise decisions of life. Upholding her integrity as Bali’s wife, she was successful in playing her role perfectly balancing her duties as a wife and also as the responsible queen of Kishkinda.