The affection of Shri Ram on his dear ones depicted through different names

The affection of Shri Ram towards his devotees and dear ones is beyond measure. While giving them a privilege to serve him, he makes their service and love towards him known to the entire world in a beautiful way so that they are remembered along with him for eternity and one of the ways is that he suffixes his name with them with great happiness for their devotion.


During his childhood, Shri Ram loved playing in the moonlight with his brothers. Once, during a full moon day, Shri Ram is enchanted by the moon’s beauty and glow. With a desire to play with it, he asks Maharaj Dasarath to get the moon for him. The father is stunned as to how to fulfil his dearest son’s wish. He tries to enchant Shri Ram with various other toys, but Shri Ram starts crying for the moon. The solution comes in the form of Bhadr, Shri Ram’s caretaker. Bhadr goes and fetches a mirror and shows the reflection of the moon to Shri Ram. Seeing the moon so close to him, Shri Ram stops crying and starts to clap his hands with joy. Then he points to himself and the moon and says Ram Chandr attaching his name to the moon and since then he was called fondly as Ram Chandr.

After his wish being fulfilled, Shri Ram hugs Bhadr with happiness and then says, Ram Bhadr. Pleased with Bhadr’s love for Shri Ram, Maharaj Dasarath says that his darling son will be henceforth known as Ram Bhadr for the affection of the humble caretaker on Shri Ram.
With the mighty task of breaking the Shiv Dhanush, Shri Ram marries princess Sita, with whom he falls in love at the first sight. Although he knew that he could do it as soon as he entered the Sabha, Shri Ram waits for Rishi Viswhamitr’s command to break the bow. While he waits patiently, Mata Sita grows impatient as to when Shri Ram would fulfil the vow. As soon as his Guru gives the order, Shri Ram walks and breaks the bow as if not to loose a moment in relieving Mata Sita’s tension. Being pleased with Mata Sita’s love towards him, he liked to be known as Siyaram, the beloved of Mata Sita.

Shri Ram always called himself as the son of Maharaj Dasarath and gave his respects to his father in the most sincere way. For his father, he left the comforts of a place, roamed in the forests passing through difficulties. But, Shri Ram never had any complaints, but only affection for his father and called himself Dasarathi making his father’s name glorified forever.

There was never a moment in Shri Ram’s life that Lakshman was not beside him. Lakshman’s life was totally dedicated to the service of his elder brother and he became an example of unconditional service forever. Shri Ram with all his love considered Lakshman as both his son and father. He loved Lakshman so much that he gave his dear brother the name of Ramanuj, to be forever remembered as the loving brother of Shri Ram.

The love of Shri Ram for his devotees is like the unlimited Ocean and he takes all the efforts for them to be shining with the radiance of his devotion out of which the most benevolent way is that mankind remembers them through his name , and that is what which stands out as his greatness.