The all-time protection chant – Ram Raksha Stotr

As a human, one has many essentials to acquire, hurdles to pass and goals to achieve. The greatest support in all these tasks is that of the Almighty. He is the one who gives us the push and energy to go forward in life and he is the one who protects us from all perils and dangers faced in achieving the purpose of life for every human. However, in the running race of life, we often get time to thank him and surrender our devotion to him. Our Sanatana Dharma teaches us the karma is foremost duty and while pursuing duty towards karma, it has given us the greatest treasure of stotras, chants and mantras which are simple, small, but powerful through which one can thank and also seek the protection of the Almighty.
Fulfilling both the karmic duty and the daivik siddhi is the Ram Raksha Stotr through which positive energy and protection enters our lives. This Sanskrit Stotr created in 38 verses by Rishi Budha Kaushika is meant to invoke Shri Ram onto all the parts of the body and protect them from any kind of disease, stress and illness. The name of Shri Ram is the combination of the two divine sounds deriving the Ra sound from Om Namo Narayana and the Ma sound from the Om Namah Shivayah. Hence, the name of Bhagwan Ram destroys all the fears and dangers one is bound with. The protector of the Stotr is Shri Hanuman and the power of Mata Sita radiates in it and is chanted for attaining the protection of Shri Ram and Mata Sita.
The verse Apadaamapa Hartaram Dataaram Sarva Sampadam, Lokabhi ramam Sri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Nammamyam is very significant and is said to release all fears, ill health, bad omens and also debts. Hence, this single verse is often taught to children to remove their fears and instil confidence in them. As this Stotr is wriiten in the Anusthubh method of Sanskrit prosody, which involves four lines with eight syllables each, the manner of reciting is musical, melodious and thus fills the heart and mind with calmness and brings in a lot of positive energy into the body.
The beauty of the Stotr is that each verse consists of the qualities of Bhagwan Ram, his relations with his parents, his friends, and his devotees, in fact has the whole sequence of Ramayan in the perfect order. By recitation of this Stotr, it is said that one gets the essence of the whole Ramayan and the Ram Tatv invoked onto the body and thus wards away all evil and negative aspects.
The verse of Shiroh mein Raghavah Paatuhu till the Padau Vibheeshana aasrithaha focusses on all the parts of the body in an orderly manner, thus entrusting protection on all. The 35th verse is said to be the Siddha Stotra, which makes one mentally strong and fearless. The positive impacts are many, when one puts complete faith, belief and surrenders to Bhagwan Ram as their saviour.

The most auspicious days for reciting the Ram Raksha Stotr are the nine days of Chaitra Navaratri. However the prominence of this Stotr is that it can be recited as a daily prayer, thus enabling us to spend a little time thinking of the positive energy of Shri Ram and get ready to face the challenges of life each day. It is a very good habit of chanting the stotr daily of inviting positivity, health and happiness into our lives.