The Almighty or his name – Shri Ram and Hanuman give proof who is great

The Almighty is the one who does everything for his dearest devotee. For the sake of his devotees,

he at sometimes gives challenges proving their devotion, and also makes them win in the same,

although it is he himself who faces defeat. Proving the same, Shri Ram gives a challenge to Shri

Hanuman, wherein Hanuman proves that the name chant of Shri Ram gives all the strength required

to face any grat challenge of life.

Yayati was a righteous ruler of Kashi and a great devotee of Shri Ram. He had only a single wish that

he should be remembered with an event associated with devotion of Shri Ram. Once, Rishi

Vishwamitr came visiting the king, however, Yayati was engrossed in court duties and did not notice

the arrival of the Rishi. This enraged Rishi Vishwamitr and he decided to punish the king. He goes to

his favourite disciple Shri Ram and asks Shri Ram to punish Yayati for humiliating him. Shri Ram,

although knowing that Yayati was a righteous king and his devotee, still agrees as he would never go

against his Guru’s command.

Yayati worried deeplu knowing about Shri Ram coming to punish him. But, Rishi Narad comes to his

rescue and suggests that Yayati go and seeks refugee of Anjana, mother of Hanuman. Yayati

immediately seeks her protection. Mata Anjana, does give him assurance but, later on comes to

know that it is from Shri Ram that Yayati is seeking protection. She is in a fix. But as she gave her

word, she sends For Hanuman and orders Hanuman to save Yayati from Shri Ram.

Hanuman is shocked that he has to fight Shri Ram, but he agrees to it as it is his mother’s command

and goes to Ayodhya. In the court of Ayodhya, Hanuman requests Shri Ram to forgive Yayati as the

king had not humiliated Rishi Vishwamitr on purpose, but it was an unintentional mistake. But Shri

Ram refuses, as he was bound to his Guru’s word and asks Hanuman to surrender Yayati to him.

When Hanuman refuses, Shri Ram gets upset over Hanuman. He takes his bow and aims the

powerful Ram Baan at Hanuman. Hanuman bows to Shri Ram and starts chanting the name of Shri

Ram. To everybody’s surprise, the arrow instead of striking Hanuman merges in him. All are

surprised and awestruck seeing the power of chanting Shri Ram’s name.

Rishi Vishwamitr arrives at the scene and asks Shri Ram to call off the war, to which Shri Ram happily

agrees to. King Yayati rushes to the Rishi and begs his forgiveness. Rishi Vishwamitr then says that,

he was never angry with the king, but took this opportunity to prove that the name of Shri Ram is

more powerful than even Shri Ram’s arrows and a devotee who takes his name with faith can never

be harmed by anyone powerful warrior or weapon, even Shri Ram himself.

Shri Ram is immensely delighted with the devotion of Hanuman and embraces him. Rishi Vishwamitr

blesses Yayati that he would be eternally remembered as the one because of whom the importance

of chanting Shri Ram’s name will be forever marked as a source of strength in all times, thus fulfilling

Yayati’s wish too. Thus Shri Ram proves that chanting his name itself gives the power to even bind

him too to the devotion of his devotee, and Hanuman stands up to this with his eternal devotion.