The Astabharyas of Shri Krishna

Out of the Avataras of Bhagwan Vishnu, the Kirshna Avatar is the divine lila Avatar wherein he led people on the true paths of love, friendship, courage and truth giving newer meanings to life and Dharma. Out of the varied forms he took for this, the emotion of love was defined by Shri Krishna is the most beautiful way as true love was nothing but devotion towards him and representing that pure devotion were his eight wives.


Rukmini – The incarnation of Bhagawathi Lakshmi, Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha and the sister of Rukmi, who was an ally of Jarasandh, the enemy of Shri Krishna. When Rukmi wanted to get Rukmini married off to the Chedi King Sisupal, Rukmini writes a letter to Shri Krishna in which she implores that she has chosen only him as her husband and none else. Knowing the devotion of Rukimini, Shri Krishna comes to Vidarbha and elopes with Rukmini and duly gets married to her in Dwaraka.

Jambavathi – In the incarnation of Shri Ram, the wise bear Jambavan once expresses his desire that if he had a daughter, he would marry her to Shri Ram. Shri Ram smiles and mentions that it would be fulfilled in the next Avatar. In the search of Syamantaka Jem, Shri Krishna challenges Jambavan in a fight and defeats him making Jambavan realise that he was none other than Shri Ram. Along with offering the Syamantaka Gem, Jambavan also offers his daughter Jambavathi in marriage to Shri Krishna accepts Jambavathi, the daughter of Jambavan fulfilling his devotee’s wish.

Satyabhama – Satyabhama, an incarnation of Bhudevi, was the daughter of Satrajit, a Yadava chief in Dwaraka who was also the owner of the Syamantaka jewel. When the gem gets stolen, Satrajit blames Shri Krishna for the same. To remove the blame upon him, Shri Krishna goes in search of it and finally gets it from Jambavan after a series of twists. Realising the greatness of Shri Krishna, Satrajit offers her daughter Satyabhama in marriage.

Kalindi – She was the daughter of the Sun God who lived a life of severe austerities on the banks of River Yamuna to obtain Shri Krishna as her husband. Once on a hunting expedition, Shri Krishna and Arjun come across her and ask her the reason for a life of seclusion. Listening to Kalindi’s story, Shri Krishna accepts as his wife for her staunch devotion.

Naagnajiti – She was the daughter of the King Nagnajita, of Kosala. Shri Krishna won her hand in a swayamvar challenge by controlling seven great bulls and won Nagnajiti as his wife.

Mitravinda – She was the cousin of Shri Krishna. However her brothers wanted to get her married of to Duryodhan and called a swayamvar. But Shri Krishna defeats Mitravinda’s brothers in battle and marries her.

Bhadra- She was the daughter of King Dhrishtaketu. She chose him as her husband in a swayamvar ceremony and duly wedded him.

Lakshana – She was the princess of Ujjain. When her father announced a swayamvar for her, both Arjun and Duryodhan come to participate in it, But releasing that her heart was set on Shri Krishna, they get her married to Shri Krishna stepping away from the contest, and respecting her love for Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna was the husband to other 16, 100 maidens who were held captive by the demon Narakasura. They and sought refuge in him after the death of Narakasur. By marrying them, Shri Krishna gave them an honourable position in the society as his wives.