The battle of Bhagwan Shiv and Shri Krishna

Hari and Hara are one and the same entity and never different from each other. The affection and devotion they have for each other is unlimited and inseparable. But when it came to Dharma, they got ready to fight each other giving an example that when it comes to Dharma, none is above it.


The king of the demons Banasur with thousand arms was a great devotee of Bhagwan Shiv and did great penance to appease Bhagwan Shiv. Pleased with his devotion, Bhagwan Shiv granted Banasur his protection all times. With Bhagwan Shiv’s protection and thousand arms Banasur started to feel proud and believed there was none who could defeat him.

However, destiny had a different game to play. Banasur’s daughter Usha was a beautiful maiden. Once, she dreamt of a handsome young prince in her dreams and fell in love with him. With the help of her close confidant Chitralekha, she comes to know that the young prince was Aniruddh, the grandson of Shri Krishna, but she fears that her father wouldn’t approve of her love. Seeing Usha’s plight, Chitraleksha with her magical powers brings Aniruddh to Usha’s palace. Although Aniruddh is furious at what Chitralekha did, he realises the true love of Usha on him and both start spending their time in the palace of Usha in secret so that Banasur would not know about these happenings.

But, after few days, Banasur comes to know about the secret love affair and is furious. In spite of Usha’s requests to approve their love, he takes Aniruddh captive through sorcery of his thousand arms. Meanwhile in Dwaraka, Shri Krishna comes to know that Aniruddh has been taken captive by Banasur. Shri Krishna enraged at Bansur’s pride, sets out to battle Banasur and release Aniruddh.

Bansur’s thousand arms are no match for Shri Krishna and he starts losing his power in the war. In desperation, he calls for Bhagwan Shiv’s help. Bhagwan Shiv remembering his promise to protect Banasur rushes to war with all his Ganas and counters Shri Krishna in the battle.

A huge battle ensues and the entire world is surprised that how can Hari and Hara who are inseparable, are fighting against each other. But Shri Krishna fights for his Dharma of protecting his grandson, and Bhagwan Shiv fights to protect his devotee. Both stand for their Dharma, but as a result of their fight, the worlds start trembling. Shri Krishna realising that the world is going to be in chaos if they fight longer, aims the Jambukastr at Bhagwan Shiv and his army which makes them all paralysed.
Brahma Ji intervenes at this point, and asks both of them to stop fighting. Abiding to his word, Shri Krishna takes back his Astr, and Bhagwan Shiv calls of his armies and asks Shri Krishna to spare his devotee lest his boon goes wrong. Shri Krishan agrees, but mentions that Bansur’s pride lied in his arms and as a lesson to his pride, he would leave him with only two arms, cutting off the rest.

With his arms gone, Bansur’s arrogance too leaves him and he repents for his mistakes. He bows to the two divinities who gave him a new life and understands the true meaning of Dharma for which Bhagwan Shiv and Shri Krishna stood up ready to fight each other. Giving Usha in marriage to Aniruddh, he accepts his new life and leaves for Kailash to spend his life in the service of Bhagwan Shiv.