The benefits of praying to Shri Hanuman

Born with the infinite power of Bhagwan Shiv, Shri Hanuman is synonymous with the devotion of Shri Ram and thus is a combined force of both. His worship has innumerable benefits and gives us many life lessons too for a healthy and a successful life.


Shri Hanuman is a significance of humility. As a child, he tried to catch hold of the Sun, thinking it to be a fruit. This incident depicts his prowess, yet he never displayed it. He only believed that his power came from the chanting of Ram Naam, but never gave himself the credit. By worshipping Shri Hanuman, one can be freed from pride and arrogance which are the major setbacks for a successful life.

Shri Hanuman provides swiftness and removes laziness in the body. He mastered all the Vedas and scriptures travelling alongside the Sun God. Due to his quick abilities and grasping power, it was possible for him to travel with the speed of Sun and gain knowledge. With determination, he moved along with the Sun god, but never felt lazy to do such a huge task. Hence his worship gives us alertness, attention and concentration to grasp what is being taught. Hence, the students dutifully worship him to gain the benefits of education without feeling any laziness, stress or pressure

The worship of Shri Hanuman gets one free from all thoughts of fear of demons, evil spirits outside and within. Shri Hanuman stands as a wall obstructing the forces which tend to cause fear in us. When one remembers his courage in defeating the mighty Lankini, or his single handed fight with the demons of Lanka, it gives loads of courage to fight the negative forces around us and make us fearless.

Shri Hanuman gives us an inspiration to be physically fit and take care of our health. With immense strength, he does the impossible tasks of crossing over the vast Ocean, uprooting mountains, setting Lanka to fire and many more. He maintained a pious, healthy life which helped him achieve the impossible. Regarded as the saviour of Lakshman’s life, the worship of Hanuman brings in good health and gives a balanced health.

Belief in Shri Hanuman gives one the conduct of discipline. He was offered to take rest for some time on the Mainak Mountain while crossing the Ocean for Mata Sita. However, Hanuman politely refuses it by saying that he is presently engaged in the task of Shri Ram and would take food and rest only after he finishes it. The discipline in performing a task, the readiness to take an extra effort when needed is very important to be successful in life. Worshipping Hanuman teaches us to lead our life in a disciplined way and follow a proper regime of lifestyle.


Faith in Shri Hanuman gives us the energy the overcome all obstacles in our lives. Hanuman faces many hurdles during his course to Lanka, but he never steps back and instead thinks of solutions to overcome them. Reciting the name of Hanuman gives us the confidence to overcome all setbacks and move ahead. It gives us the strength to face a problem in spite of our limitations. Faith and worship of Hanuman gives us wisdom, knowledge, courage and also the humility to retain these qualities. Hence Shri Hanuman is the favourite of one and all and there is no division of caste, creed, religion and language when it comes to his worship and reverence.