The best group one has is a family proves Shri Ram

It is often heard in a person’s success stories that victories and successes are never alone, but there is always the contribution of a good family and its many sacrifices behind it. When a family stands together in all times for the success of a person, then not only the person’s success, but the entire family’s glory is remembered forever, just like the family of Shri Ram. Where Shri Ram gave up his own comforts for his family, the entire family too stood up with him, helping him achieve the purpose of his life of upholding Dharma.


Unique group – Shri Ram’s family sets an example as a totally different one, where they were bonded by love and affection more than a blood relation. The four brothers are half-brothers from three different mothers and a common father. Shri Ram and his three brothers prove that love and care for each other surpasses every blood relation and makes it a life lasting relation.
Together in discipline – Shri Ram waited for Rishi Vishwamitr’s consent to meet his father in Mithila, although it was his father only, and in the same manner did not accept any comfort from his father while leaving to the forest, although all was his only. In a family governed by rules, there is a better understanding between the elders and the youngsters as all are bound with a single discipline. Shri Ram teaches to follow rules both in the ups and down of life in both joyous occasions and also tough times. Taking Shri Ram as their inspiration, none of them from the family step back on their responsibility. Respect for rules is utmost important for a family as a whole, as it helps them be more strong and not succumb in times of adversities.

Dharma is above all – In the whole of Ramayan, the common trait is that Shri Ram’s family treats their duties towards Dharma more important than their individual comfort. Be it Maharaj Dasarath’ s sacrifice, Kaushalya’s patience, Sumitra’s humility, Shri Ram’s selflessness, Sita’s devotion or the loyalties of Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan, all with great sacrifice follow their responsibilities for the family to stay together. While individually following their duties, as a group they represent a unity of a family as the greatest strength.
Unbiased and fair – Being the eldest has its own advantages. But, Shri Ram never took advantage of that factor, but was the most responsible of all in the family. Though he was entitled to the crown by age and virtue, he believed that as a son it was more important to obey his father’s command rather than take advantage of being the eldest son. He happily welcomed Bharat as the king of Ayodhya as he never differentiated between him and his younger brothers. He cried for Lakshman as a small child and decided to leave the war, when Lakshman was wounded in the battlefield. Shri Ram by being unbiased and loving to his brothers made their family strong in all times.

In the journey of life, walking alone is not wrong, but is definitely stressful and it feels like a long silent journey. But when we have a companionship of a family, the journey becomes a cherished and a beautiful one as a family united in word, mind, thought and deed is the best group of friends, companions and supporters for life like the Ramayan family.