The bond of life – Shri Ram and Maharaj Dasarath

When Bhagwan Vishnu decided to be born as Maharaj Dasarath‘s son, it was not for the mere fulfilment of a prophecy, but it was to show the mankind how beautiful can the bond of a father and a son can be. The respect Shri Ram gave to his father was the with the total awareness that a father is the one who gives birth and an identity to the child and also teaches them the right conduct in them to follow as a human. Being a great Emperor, Maharaj Dasarath proved himself as a great father too. His four sons who shone like the four Vedas bought him endless happiness. But, he never went to spoil them as the princes of the great kingdom, instead taught them the code of conduct and made them as noble as him.


Loving Shri Ram as his life – For Maharaj Dasarath, Shri Ram was his lifeline. Maharaj Dasarath was always proud of Shri Ram for his upright behaviour and gentle attitude. Shri Ram’s attachement bought immense happiness to Maharaj Dasarath and he loved Shri Ram more than his life as Shri Ram was always devoted to his father truly in thought, word and deed and such a son becomes the dearest to the father.

Teaching responsibility – Although his heart was against it, Maharaj Dasarath puts his word and duty in the first priority and sends Shri Ram and Lakshman with Rishi Vishwamitr. He orders them to serve the Rishi as their guru and follow his orders. Although the darling princes of the family, they walk along and lead a simple life in the Rishi’s ashram. Shri Ram true to his father’s command serves the Rishi with all devotion and wins the heart of all.

Giving first priority to Dharma – Shri Ram understands the troublesome situation of his father’s choice between Dharma because of Queen Kaikeyi’s boons. Without a slightest hesitation, Shri Ram comes forward and takes the responsibility of upholding his father’s dharma. Shri Ram does not get upset about the kingdom being snatched away, but is only concerned to keep up his father’ name as a righteous person, and nothing else. Maharaj Dasarath himself advises to rebel against him, but Shri Ram doesn’t agree and he says that his father’s word is more important to him than the kingdom. Without any other thoughts, he leaves for the forest. The only request Shri Ram has for his father was to take care of his Mother Kaushalya who was grief struck with his leaving which shows his love for his parents.

Sacrifice of life – Shri Ram does his duty as a son, and Maharaj Dasarath displays his unending affection for his son by sacrificing his life. Unable to bear the separation of his dear son, he passes away. Shri Ram continues to keep up his father’s word even after his death, but does not break it and return back to Ayodhya. He advises his brothers to follow their Dharma in keeping up their father’s word and bring glory to Maharaj Dasarath. It is indeed, only a great son like Shri Ram with great affection and attachment of his father’s love preferred to be known as the son of Maharaj Dasarath, rather than the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.