The Bow and Arrow shaped magnificence – Ramanarayanam temple

In the rich land of culture and traditions deep rooted in our life, there is no boundary to the imaginative capabilities through which one can see the magnificence of the Almighty. Right since age old times, our ancestors have chiselled the splendour of the Supreme Being and written our Sanatana glory in the architecture and the walls of our temples , which till date stand as a testimony to the spiritual and intellectual art of India. It is a pride factor to say that this intellet reflects even in the modern times of today in many temples and one suc temple is the Ramanarayanam temple shaped in the form of the bow and arrow of Shri Ram.


The Ramanarayanam temple is situated in a bustling hamlet, Korukonda in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh dedicated to Shri Ram. The temple is a combination of our ancient rich history and also the modern engineering technology striking a perfect balance of both. Keeping in view the eco balance of nature, the temple also is a home to a variety of green plants flora and fauna which welcomes the devotees right from the entrance and take them into a transcendental time of the Ramayan.

The entire two storey temple complex is built in fifteen acres of greenery and the corridors which lead to the main sanctum are shaped as the bow and arrow of Shri Ram. The corridors have theimages from the Valmiki Ramayan which impart the values of truth, honesty, friendship, sacrifice and courage as special scenes from the Valmiki Ramayan

At the point where the bow and the arrow meet in the centre is a huge statue of Shri Hanuman which denotes his importance in the Ramayan. This humble sixty feet statue of Shri Hanuman also denotes that the devotee finally meets the Almighty Shri Ram and hence is built right in the centre of the main temple complex leading the main sanctum.

The humble motive behind the temple is to build up the values of our Sanatana Dharma, and hence the temple also runs a library named SaraswathiPathshala which has many knowledgeable books on our Sanatana Dharma. The Tirumala TirupatiDevasthanam also runs a VedPathshala in the temple complex. The temple complex also has a garden of various medicinal herbs depicting the importance of Ayurveda and its healing properties.


Built in the modern technology, yet rich in our ancient ethics, the Ramanarayanam temple is a symbol of our varied culture which mentions values of humility, courage and righteousness as the representations of Shri Ram and stands as one of the modern temple wonders of India.