The brotherhood love of Shri Ram and Bharat

जनमे एक सागा सब भाई भोजना सायं केलि लरिका।।
बिमला बसा यही अनुचित एकउ बधु बिहाई बारेहि अभिषेक।।
When Maharaj Dasarath declares Shri Ram’s coronation, the royal palace and the city rejoice but, Shri Ram is uneasy that Bharat and Shatrughan are not there for the occasion. He feels bad that when they all four were born and bought up together, married at the same time, why they can’t partake in the succession of the throne. Such is the adoration of Shri Ram for his brothers.

But, what happens is different. Queen Kaikeyi‘s plans that Bharat becomes king of Ayodhya and with a selfish plot, succeeds in sending away Shri Ram to the forest. Shri Ram offers everything wholeheartedly to Bharat and leaves Ayodhya. Although Bharat was away from Ayodhya during the happenings, he senses that something is wrong with his brother. Such is his devotion that even though far away, his thoughts are always cantered around Shri Ram.

On reaching Ayodhya, Bharat comes to know about all events that happened. With none to contend him, he could have easily become king, but as a devoted brother, he is shocked like a person who has been stuck with a lightning blow. He weeps bitterly and with deep contempt on his mother for her unjust act, he curses her and shuns her away from his life.
Then, he sets out to get Shri Ram back to Ayodhya. He thinks

अरथा न धरना न कामा रुचे न चहहूँ निर्भयना।।
जनमा जनमा रति रमा पड़ा एहि वरदान न आना।।

He seeks no wealth, right conduct, fulfilment of desires and not even salvation, but only the love for the lotus feet of Shri Ram in his life. He is utterly heartbroken when he comes to know from Nishadraj Guh that Shri Ram walked bare feet in the forest, and he too discards his slippers immediately.

सिरा भत्रा जाऊ उचित अस मोरा।।
सब ते सेवक धरम कठोरा।।

He feels, being a servant of Shri Ram, he needs to walk on his head for the suffering he has given to his swami.

Bharat persuades Shri Ram to return to the kingdom, but the latter refuses as it is not right to do so. Finally, realising that true love begets sacrifice, Bharat surrenders to Shri Ram’s command. Shri Ram is overwhelmed by the love of Bharat and requests the latter to be the king till he returns back. But, Bharat says that he would only be a representative and requests Shri Ram to give his padukas to be placed on the throne. He sets the highest standard of Dharma by taking up the responsibility of safeguarding the throne of the elder brother, instead of ascending it.

Although Shri Ram gives him all the rights to be the king of Ayodhya, he only governs it as a representative. He rejects all comforts of a palace and imposes self-exile upon himself and stays in Nandigram. He waits for Shri Ram with anxiety and fourteen years pass with agony. Bharat finds peace only when he welcomes Shri Ram and adorns the sandals back on his feet. Shri Ram calls Bharat, the greatest among all four and crowns him the Yuvraj of Ayodhya.

The bonds of family are predestined by the Almighty, but to nurture them into a life lasting relation is in the hands of family members. Shri Ram and Bharat through their pure love of brotherhood depicted how important it is for a family to be together especially, during hardships.