The chaste wife of Devraj Indr- Sachi Devi

As the king of the Swarglok, Devraj Indr enjoys the highest position in the celestial world. He not only commands the Devas, but also is the god of rains and thunder. It was never was an easy task for Devraj Indr to sustain power and take care of the responsibilities, and he undertook many a challenge for that. In all his endevours to retain Dharma and help the world go accordingly in the righteous way, he was aptly supported by his chaste wife Sachi Devi, who in terms of word and deed supported her husband and was one of the main causes of many of his victories and accomplishments.

Also known as Indrani, Sachi was the daughter of Pouloma, the king of the Demons. Although a daughter of the demon king, Sachi was righteous and good natured. Devraj Indr was smitten by her and so was Sachi Devi in love with Indr. But Pouloma was against this, and hence Indra defeated Pouloma and won the hand of Sachi in marriage. Sachi borne three sons Jayanta, Rishabha and Midusha and a daughter named Jayanti.

Although Sachi commanded all the comforts and luxuries of the Swargalok, she remained a virtuous woman devoted to her husband. The Mahabharat mentions a story about how determined and chaste was she in one occasion. It once happened that Devraj Indr attained the Brahmahatya sin by killing a Brahmin and unable to bear the remorse, he went into hiding.

To ensure the smooth rule of the Swargalok in Indra’s absence, the Devas appointed a righteous king Nahusha in the place of Devraj Indr. Nahusha very soon bought order into the celestial world.

However, he began to take pride in his power and along with the power of being the king desired for Sachi too. This worried Sachi and she went in search of her husband. She finds him hiding in the stalk of a lotus flower in a pond. She comforts him and assures him to return to Swargalok. Listening to the affairs of Swargalok, Devraj Indr agrees to return back home and devises a plan to punish Nahusha for his arrogance.

Then, Sachi goes to Nahusha and tells him that she was ready to be his wife, but on one condition that she would want to see him coming in a palanquin carried by the Sapta Rishis, to prove his power. In great pride and enthusiasm, Nahusha agrees to this. He then orders the Sapta Rishis to carry him in a palanquin to Sachi Devi’s palace. Although the sages were angered by this disrespectful treatment, they agree as Nahusha was their king.

The Sapta Rishis start carrying Nahusha with the palanquin on their shoulders. However, Rishi Agastya who was among the Sapta Rishis walked slowly due to his short height and this irritated Nahusha. Out of blind anger and impatience, Nahusha kicks the revered sage asking him to move fast. This angers Rishi Agastya and he curses Nahusha to become a snake. Thus, the Swargalok becomes free of Nahusha’s pride and Devraj Indr returns back to his original place. On the advice of Sachi, Devraj Indr performs penance for a thousand years and atones for his sin of Brahmahatya.

Sachi is worshipped for her chasteness and virtuous qualities. She is worshipped as one of the Saptamaatrikas, who are representations of Shakti and fight the negative forces prevailing among the world.

As a chaste wife and a devoted queen, Sachi is well known as a representation of virtue, beauty and intelligence.