The choice of a wise man against the greed of an arrogant man

It is often seen that although people in power have all the facilities to win and be successful in life, yet they lose the most valuable support and guidance in life because of their arrogance and greed and unable to differentiate between good and bad choices. A perfect example for the same is Duryodhan who never understood the ill nature of Shakuni and on his advice went to write his own doom of destiny.

The wise have a different path to walk on as they think that the welfare of Dharma is the very key for their own success. Arjun, who was mentored by Shri Krishna had this knowledge and hence always was successful. A decision made by both Arjun and Duryodhan in the most crucial task before the Kuruskhetra war clearly reflects how a wise man knows what is good for him, and how an arrogant man never realises his mistakes.

After all the efforts of Yudhishtir and Shri Krishna fail for peace with the Kauravas, the call of the great Kurukshetr battle is given. With an aim to get Shri Krishna to their side, Duryodhan from the Kauravas side and Arjun from the Pandavas side reach Dwaraka to ask the All-knowing one for help in the battle. The Almighty who knew their both intentions pretends to be asleep on the cradle  swing with two seats, one at the head, and the other near his feet. Duryodhan enters the chambers, but feeling humiliating to sit at the feet of Shri Krishna, sits on the seat beside Shri Krishna’s head and waits for Shri Krishna to wake up.

Arjun enters the chambers after sometime and Duryodhan is both angry and worried at his presence. But Arjun remains undisturbed by the presence of his arch rival. He humbly sits at the feet of Shri Krishna waiting for him to wake up. After sometime, Shri Krishna wakes up, and first notices Arjun at his feet and welcomes him heartily. Then he looks at Duryodhan who is at the opposite side and asks the reason for their coming.

When both of them request his help in the war, Shri Krishna smiles and mentions his condition that he would not fight, but only be as a support on one side, and his entire Yadav army would fight on the other side and the choice was in between them to choose.

With great devotion, Arjun folds his hands and falls at the feet of Shri Krishna and requests Shri krishna to be on the Pandava side by being his charioteer and lead him to victory. Duryodhan feels that he had no use of Shri Krishna when he wouldn’t fight and happy to have the entire Yadav army on his side. Thinking that numbers matter, Duryodhan falis to understand how one is undefeatable with the support and guidance of Shri Krishna. He leaves with pride that he has already won the battle with the entire Yadav army on his side.

The one decision of Duryodhan costs him his victory in the Kuruskshetra. With Dharma and Shri Krishna on their side, the Pandavas emerge victorious. Arjun’s choice becomes the most valuable strength for the Pandavas, and the greed of Duryodhan leads him to lose everything and everyone.