The Devotion of Angad towards Bhagwan Ram

All the characters of Ramayan have one trait in common, which is the devotion towards Bhagwan Ram. Be it the brotherly love of the three brothers, service of Hanuman, friendship of Sugriv and Vibhishan or the devotion of Angad.


Angad was the son of the mighty Vaanar Bali. Before dying, Bali entrusts Angad to Bhagwan Ram. He orders Angad to treat Sugriv as his father, follow his command, and always serve Bhagwan Ram. When Sugriv was crowned King, Angad is crowned as Yuvraj and since then, he duly follows Sugriv’s order and dedicates his life in serving Bhagwan Ram. Angad totally believes in what his mighty father Bali had said, and serves Bhagwan Ram as his swami, in spite of knowing that Bhagwan Ram killed Bali. This itself signifies that he has duly taken the path of Dharma and thus knows the distinction of good and bad. His quality of trust and devotion towards Bhagwan Ram is totally evident here.

During the quest in search of Mata Sita, Sugriv makes him the leader of the troupe going towards South. Angad efficiently manages the troupe and also motivates Hanuman to cross the sea in search of Mata Sita. Thus, he balances the two aspects of being the leader of the troupe, and also being their friend motivating them to complete the quest. Although his leadership skills are proved here, he never takes the credit for it and humbly acknowledges it as the blessings of Bhagwan Ram.

Bhagwan Ram sends him as an envoy to Ravan‘s court to give the latter a last chance to amend his sins. Just as an obedient messenger does, he conveys the message. But when he sees the arrogance of Ravan, he throws a challenge that Bhagwan Ram would go back without Mata Sita, if anybody of them could manage to move his foot, which all the mighty warriors of Ravan’s court duly fail to do so. Even after such a valiant display of valour and strength, Angad never boasts of it and humbly acknowledges it as a strength gained by service of Bhagwan Ram which is a great mark of humility. In the war, he kills many demons and the mighty sons of Ravan, thus proving his warrior skills too.

Yet, on the other side of this warrior, he is like a small child who would never want to leave his swami’s side. After the coronation of Bhagwan Ram as the king of Ayodhya, time comes for all to go back to Kishkinda. One by one, all take leave of Bhagwan Ram, and when Angad’s turn comes, He falls on his swami’s feet and cries uncontrollably. He feels so distressed to leave Bhagwan Ram and go back to Kishkinda. He requests his swami not to send him away and let him stay back at Ayodhya to serve him. Bhagwan Ram gets immensely pleased with Angad’s devotion, embraces him and adorns his pearl necklace to Angad with great love. Bhagwan Ram reminds Angad of his duty to first attend to the welfare of the kingdom. He then sends, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan to escort Angad till the borders of Ayodhya thus showing his own love towards Angad.

The silent devotee Angad is the representation of a young leader as to how while abiding to his father’s word, he never abets a chance to prove his own identity as a great warrior, intellectual persona and most importantly the humble devotee of Bhagwan Ram.
(Source- Shri Ramcharitramanas)