The Dharma of Bharat which was tested and tried, but could not be defeated

Dharma is the one factor which stands as man’s test in various modes of life. And whenever it is tested, it is a difficult one to overcome. But, Just as the grass is green on the other side, while the path of conceit or greed looks easy and bright, the result is downfall, whereas in the walk of Dharma, the path is difficult, but the result is success and it becomes an ideal of inspiration. The greatest example who became such an inspiration is Bharat, the dearest brother of Shri Ram.


The individuality of Bharat is special in the way where it is not loud, but is pure. Bharat serves Shri Ram with all his heart and devotes all his life to Shri Ram. Although he was not always with Shri Ram like Lakshman, his mind was always fixed on the devotion of Shri Ram. Shri Ram understood all the inner love of Bharat and was always affectionate towards him. When affections in relation are put to test, the righteous ones blooms like a lotus in the pond of mud. When Queen Kaikeyi demanded Bharat to be the king and Shri Ram to be sent to exile, Shri Ram does not bear a grudge for the injustice to him, but happily sacrifices the kingdom for Bharat and leaves for exile. But, when Bharat comes to know of all the situations, he makes the choice which makes him the ultimate representation of Dharma.

As Bharat was offered the kingdom in full consent of his father and brother, he had none to stop him from accepting the throne along with all the power, luxury, riches and fame, but Bharat does what is right and rejects all of it. When he learns that his mother got the kingdom through deceit, he admonished her and shuns her away. This comes in as surprise to Kaikeyi and she realises her greed makes one lonely and remorseful in life. However, the Dharma of Bharat is not being revengeful, but doing what is right. This is seen when he stops Shatrughan from killing Manthara, mentioning that her guilt is the punishment for her. Even in the worst scenario, he does not take advantage of his power and behaves in the perfect way as fit as a brother of Shri Ram.

Bharat rushes to Chitrakut putting the kingdom of Ayodhya at Shri Ram’s feet. However, Shri Ram makes him understand the importance of keeping up their father’s word. But again Bharat makes the greatest sacrifice of imposing self-exile upon himself and ruling the kingdom only as the representative of Shri Ram. The sacrifice of Bharat was his own choice where he chose to go through a life of difficulties, but not leave his stand for Dharma.
The test of Dharma which Bharat underwent was the most difficult one among all the four brothers. Initially, Bharat had to face the blasphemy of the people when they think that he too was a part of Kaikeyi’s plan. Then, he undergoes the pain of separation from Shri Ram. He leaves all the comforts of the palace and leads his life as a hermit waiting for Shri Ram’s comeback. But, each and every time he is put to test, he overcomes it with faith in Dharma and devotion in Shri Ram. Bharat proves that Dharma is not a choice, but it is a way of life.