The different names of Arjun

A warrior is always known through different names which denote the greatness of their achievements, skills and their personality. It takes many a great things to acquire names befitting the skill, trait and personality and stand up to them. One such warrior who stood up to all his names and acquired fame for the same is Arjun, the Pandav. The names of Arjun include Vijaya, Jaya, Phaluguna Kiriti, Parth, Swetavahana, Jishnu, Savyasaachi, Vibhatsa,


Dhananjaya, Gudakesa, Parantapa and Kapi Dhwaja. While some were acquired by birth, some were on his skill, and some were bestowed to him by his dear ones nonetheless, all spoke of his greatness.

Vijaya – Arjun was called as Vijaya as he never returned undefeated in the battlefield.

Jaya – The name Jaya was acquired by him as he never lost in a fight and always was successful as a warrior.
Phalguna – Arjun was named Phalguna as he was born in the star constellation of Uttara Falguna.

Kiriti – Kiriti was a name Arjun acquired as he wore a astounding crown gifted by Devraj Indr as a fatherly gift to his son.

Paarth – Arjun was the son of Kunti who was also called Prithi and as her son, Arjun acquired the name of Paarth bestowed to him by Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna was very fond of the name and always addressed Arjun as Paarth.

Swetavahana – This name was given to Arjun as he rode a chariot comprising of four milky white horses. The same chariot was driven by Shri Krishna in the great war of Mahabharat.

Jishnu – Arjun was also called as Jishnu as he was the one who was matchless for his foes and hence the one who was one overpowered his enemies, he was called Jishnu.

Savyasaachi – Arjun had a special skill that he was an archer who could shoot arrows with both the hands back to back while drawing his divine bow the Gandiva and hence he was titles Savya Saachi, the one who could shoot arrows with both hands.

Vibhatsa – The noble Pandav was be all means justified with this title as he never fought in unfair means in the battlefield.

Dhananjaya – As the great warrior who conquered many kingdoms and their wealth during the Rajasuya Yagn of Yudhisthir, Arjun was bequeathed the name of Dhananjaya.

Paranatapa – During the time of the twelve year exile, on the advice of Shri Krishna, Arjun utilises the time of exile to perform great penance and appease Bhagwan Shiv. Because of the great penance he pleases Bhagwan Shiv and acquires the Pasupatastr. Since then Arjun was named Parantapa, meaning the great penance performer.

Gudakesa – Just as Lakshman who conquered sleep during the fourteen year exile period to serve Shri Ram, Arjun also was known for his ability to conquer sleep, and hence he was also called as Gudakesa, a name he shared with the younger brother of Shri Ram.

Kapi Dhwaja – It was the divine boon of Shri Hanuman to Arjun that he would adorn the flag staff of Arjun’s chariot and help him gain success in the Kurukshetra war, and hence Arjun was called as the Kapi Dhwaja, the one who rode the chariot with Shri Hanuman as the flag bearer.

Arjun is a name which means as a person who acts are fair and unstained. To such a glorious names, were other the other names added, which made Arjun shine with even more glory and fame as he aptly fulfilled all the virtues of the titles given to him.