The Dwadasaditya Suryas resplendent in Kashi

In Kashi, Bhagwan Shiv resides along with Bhagwathi Parvathi blessing the entire world with their compassion and grace. Every street, nook and corner has a temple big or small, asserting that Kashi is the home for all Gods. Located here are the Dwadasaditya Sun temples (Dwadasa – 12, Aditya – sun) among the various ghats of River Ganga.
1. Lolarkaditya – A merchant named Divodas lived in the city of Kashi who always dominated the people of Kashi. When the people requested Bhagwan Shiv for a solution, Bhagwan Shiv orders Surya Bhagwan to take origin as a Swayambhu murti and help the people. Thus Surya Bhagwan took the form of Lolarkaditya.
2. Vimaladitya – A king named Vimala, to get rid of his health problem, consecrated an idol of Surya Bhagwan in Kashi which was named after the king Vimaladitya.
3. Sambaditya – Samba, the son of Shri Krishna and Jambavathi once suffered from a skin disease. On the advice of Shri Krishna, he comes to Kashi and worships Surya Bhagwan and gets rid of his disease and hence the Sun God is worshipped as Sambaditya.
4. Uttaraarkaditya – There was once a devotee of Sun God named Sulakshna in Kashi. Because of her unconditional devotion, Bhagwathi Parvathi appears and makes Sulakshna her close aide. As Sulakshna got this privilege by worshipping the Sun God, all unmarried girls worship him in the name of Uttaraarkaditya.
5. Kesavaditya – Once, the Sun God sees Bhagwan Vishnu worshiping Bhagwan Shiv in Kashi. Inspired by this, Surya too worships Bhagwan Shiv and hence he takes the form of Kesavaditya.
6. Khakholkaditya – The Sun God by this name was consecrated by Vinata, the mother of Garud, after she was released from bondage. It is believed that anyone in stress gets relief when offered prayers to Khakholkaditya.
7. Arunaditya – Due to the indulgent act of Vinata, Garud’s elder brother Arun was born with only half a body. Arun comes to the city of Kashi and worships the Sun God to provide him a better life than what he was given. Impressed by the sincere penance of Arun, Surya Bhagwan appears and blesses Arun to be his charioteer and takes the name of Arunaditya
8. Mayukhaditya – Once, Surya Bhagwan does severe penance propitiating Bhagwan Shiv. His penance develops immense heat and the entire world begins to scorch. To save the world, Bhagwan Shiv blesses Sun God to take the form of Mayukhaditya and be worshipped in the city of Kashi.
9. Yamaditya – The God of death once propitiated the Sun God along with Bhagwan Shiv in the city of Kashi, and hence the Sun God took the name of Yamaditya.
10. Vriddhaditya – Being the source of energy, the Sun God here is worshipped as Vriddhaditya who blesses all with good health, fitness and active mind and body.
11. Gangaditya – Impressed by the flow and radiance of River Ganga in Kashi, Surya requests Bhagwan Shiv to give him a place in Kashi where he could always watch the river Ganga and feel happy. Bhagwan Shiv blessed him to take the form of Gangaditya.
12. Draupaditya – Draupadi worshipped the Sun God here as he blessed her with the Akshaya Patra during the time of their exile, which kept them away from hunger and fatigue. And hence is called as Draupadatya.

Blessed indeed is the city of Kashi for giving the privilege to the devotees to see all the twelve temples of the Sun God in one city itself where one can offer prayers to all the different Dwadasadityas.