The fight of Shri Ram and Makaraksh

When a problem gets solved in the most difficult situation, the confidence and energy one gets reaches the sky. The same happens in Shri Ram’s camp when Lakshman regains conscious. The Vanar army get ready for battle with double energy and Sugriv orders the monkeys to surround Ravan’s army from all sides. The counter attack of the monkey army comes as a total surprise for the demons. Ravan sends Kumbh, Nikumbh, Yupaksh, Shonitaksh, Praghansh and Kampan, the sons of Kumbhakarn to battle. But all his warriors succumb to death in the hands of Shri Ram’s army. Angad kills Kampan, Shonitaksh and Yupaksh and Sugriv kills Kumbh. Maind and Dwivid kill Praghansh and Nikumbh meets his death in the hands of Hanuman.


One by one, all the warriors of Lanka are sent to the abode of death and Ravan‘s fear grows by every death. With few warriors left in Lanka, Ravan ponders for a way to win over Shri Ram, but gets none. Makaraksh, the son of Khar comes forward and asks Ravan to give him a chance to slay the enemy.

Makaraksh swears to kill Shri Ram as how fires destroys the wood and encourages his army to proceed to war. With Makaraksh leading the army, the demons made huge roars and marched on to the battlefield. They become arrogant of their power and start tormenting the monkey army. Makaraksh with his powerful arrows makes the monkey army flee in all directions. Noticing his army run hither and thither, Shri Ram enquires about Makaraksh. Vibhishan explains the power of Makaraksh to Shri Ram. Shri Ram decides to kill him and comes forward and starts countering Makaraksh’s arrows. Makaraskh’ anger rouses up when he sees Shri Ram. He speaks arrogantly to Shri Ram that since the day Shri Ram had killed his father Khar, he is waiting to take revenge on Shri Ram. Shri Ram answers back calmly that warriors do not boast and asks him to fight instead of talking boastfully about his strength, Shri Ram asks Makaraksh to be aware of his arrows which killed fourteen thousand demons including Khar and today they would kill Makaraksh too, for partaking in Ravan’s sins.
A great fight starts. Both the warriors engage in powerful missiles and arrows which are encountered equally and none steps back in giving the best of their fight. Finally, Shri Ram breaks Makaraksh chariot, his horses and destroys his staff. Makaraksh devoid of a chariot
flies into the air. He takes a huge spike and hurls it Shri Ram. The great spike was gifted to Makaraksh by Bhagwan Shiv and it had the power of destroying the whole world. It shone in red flames and all the celestials watching the battle froze in fear.

Makaraksh threw the spike with the speed of a meteor, but in vain. The spike fails to hurt the righteous Shri Ram who has the strength of all the three worlds in him. Shri Ram with ease breaks the spear into two pieces, and before Makaraksh realises what has happened, the arrow of Shri Ram pierces his chest and Makaraksh lies dead in the battlefield.

Seeing their chief dead, the demons flee into Lanka. The celestials watching the war are filled with delight praise him for a stupendous victory. It becomes very clear that doom is nearing to Ravan and his golden city and all now wait the only two powerful warriors left in Lanka to come to battle, Indrajeet and Ravan.