The four brothers of Ramayan represent Unity is strength

In a world of today’s turbulent times, situations in life are making family bonds vulnerable and love and affection between siblings has become a mere obligation. In such times, Ramayan stands as an inspiration from which one can derive strength to keep the family bounded together. The four brothers Shri Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan stand as a testimony for sibling love in a family. Lakshman was always with Shri Ram and Shatrughan served Bharat and all the three brothers had great devotion for their elder brother Shri Ram.


It is during the times of adversities that bonding is put to test. With the evil minded plans of Manthara, the unity of the brothers is put to test. But, as a follower of Dharma, Shri Ram only does the right thing. He simply listens to the condition of his exile, and Bharat to be made King, accepts it readily and leaves for the forest. Shri Ram gives more importance to the bond between him and Bharat and says that he would be happy to give the kingdom of Ayodhya to his dear brother. Although Lakshman initially doubts Bharat, Shri Ram convinces Lakshman about Bharat’s sincere affection and also the importance of obeying the parent’s wishes.

But, as expected by queen Kaikeyi or Manthara, Bharat and Shatrughan are not happy with the turn of events, and instead shocked. While Shatrughan punishes Manthara, Bharat teaches his mother a lesson that greed of power can never break his devotion for Shri Ram. Bharat had all the opportunity to become King, yet he does not accept a kingdom got by injustice means and rushes to return it back to Shri Ram. Bharat is ready to undergo a life of a hermit till his brother comes back, but not step on a luxurious throne on the cost of his brother’s happiness. Bharat ‘s love for Shri Ram is so great that he enters Ayodhya again, only after Shri Ram returns back from exile. Shri Ram’s love for Bharat is immense that after returning back from exile, he first enquires whether Bharat would want to rule Ayodhya, he would happily give it away to him. Shri Ram takes back the kingdom only after Bharat gives it back to him, but never shows his authority over Bharat as the elder brother.

Lakshman’s services are beyond words to comprehend. Although he did not have to go to the forest along with Shri Ram, he chose a life of service to Shri Ram rather than the comforts of a palace. He sacrifices his personal life and relentlessly serves Shri Ram and Mata Sita without even sleeping for fourteen years. Shri Ram loves Lakshman so dearly, that during the battle of Lanka, he cries bitterly when Lakshman becomes unconscious and gets ready to forsake his life, lest anything happens to Lakshman. His love for Lakshman is so deep that he feels waging a war for his beloved Sita is also a waste without the presence of Lakshman.

If the four brothers would have succumbed to the thoughts of Manthara and had plans gone as her will, Ramayan would be a different story. But, instead, they chose to be united with strong affection for each other. Although Manthara separated them physically, it was only temporary as she could not break their unity in spirit and they became the ideal four brothers in the realms of time.