The Great Battle of Lanka

It is not just being intelligent and powerful which matters, but to stand in the path of truth along with those traits is what is important. Ravan in spite of winning over the three worlds, being an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Shiv, being an intelligent king and well versed in the Vedas and Sastras get blinded with the arrogance of his power and is unable to differentiate between good and bad.


After the final attempt of Angad to make him understand that bloodshed is not advisable, Shri Ram orders for the battle to start. The legendary battle of Lanka starts between the great Vanars and the demons. Both the sides were immensely powerful and a great fight ensued which was witnessed by all the celestials and sages from the sky. It was for this very day that the celestials were waiting as to when Shri Ram would begin his final annihilation of the demons and fulfil the purpose of his incarnation.

The war started with hues and cries of energy and the monkeys threw huge stones, trees on the demons and fervour of terrific acts dominated the battle field. The demons marched along with elephants and chariots with great sounds and trying to create a fear in the monkey army. Though barefoot, the Vanar army also did not take a step back and marched with triumph to crush the demons of evil habits. The confrontation was mighty and the earth and the skies turned red with blood streaming from the battle. Angad fought the mighty Indrajeet, Hanuman with Jambumali, Vibhishan with the demon Shatrughan, Sugriv with Praghas, Lakshman with Virupaksh, Nal and Sushen with Vidyunmali. Gaja fought with a demon Tapan and Neel fought with Nikumbh, son of Kumbhakarn.

While all the great warriors of the Vanar army were engaged in battle at the four gates of Lanka, the demons Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitrghnu and Yajnakop all together confronted none other than Shri Ram. They boasted of their energy and shooted arrows on Shri Ram and wounded him. Just as strong wind blows away the clouds, Shri Ram faced the four demons with ease and with his powerful arrows cut the hands of all the four demons and killed them.


The first day of the battle was extraordinary and marked the start for the destruction of evil forces. The great Vanar warriors just like their leader Shri Ram crushed all the demons and drove them to the abode of death. Only, Indrajeet, who was fighting Angad vanished from there seeing his companions dead. The battlefield was filled with lifeless demons and broken chariots and scattered demons. The battle was dominated by the forces of Shri Ram and the demons knew that they were facing a strong opponent and wished for the day to end to renew their energy and get back.

The battle of Shri Ram on Lanka is not just a battle of wining over Mata Sita, but an assurance to protect womanhood who are dishonoured by arrogant and egoistic demons like Ravan. Shri Ram rages a battle of truth proving that in spite of all obstacles, hurdles and difficulties, Truth always has an upper hand over evil. The first day of battle was the final outcome of Ravan’s pride and arrogance, and it had just started.