The Great Bhagavattotamas of our Puranas

When one prays to the Almighty with his complete dedication of soul and total faith, he is no longer a mere devotee, but a Bhagavattotama, meaning the superior of all devotees. This is again not to signify his position but his total faith and sincere devotion to the Almighty wherein he only wants to offer service to God, but doesn’t wish for anything.


Prahlad – A small child terrifies the demons, not with his power, but with his devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu and he was little Prahlad. Although the son of Hiranyakasyap , the demon who was the arch rival of ABhagwan Vishnu, Prahlad was the ardent devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu right from the time he was in his mother’s womb. His faith in the Almighty was so great that he was ready to undergo all kinds of death penalties, but not leave his devotion towards Bhagwan Vishnu. He became the very reason wherein Bhagwan Vishnu took the incarnation of Narasimha and killed Hiranyakashyap and restored Dharma back in the world.

Shri Hanuman – When the first time Shri Ram meets Hanuman at the foothills of Rishyamuk Mountain, he asks Hanuman that who he was. For this Hanuman replies is whoever he is does not matter and what matters is that he is the eternal servant of Shri Ram. Hanuman is a glorifying example of selfless service and unending faith on the Almighty. It is his faith and belief in Shri Ram that he achieves missions impossible, yet remains loyal to his swami. His devotion makes Shri Ram and Mata Sita reside in his heart forever as the imprints of his faith, proving Hanuman is the dearest to them.

Rishi Narad – The incarnation of Rishi Narad was a special one. Rishi Narad in his previous birth was born to a maid servant whose father had left them. When the other children teased him upon the same, he went to the forest to understand the reason of his birth and performed severe penance on Bhagwan Vishnu. Pleased with his devotion, Bhagwan Vishnu said that his reason of his birth was to be his dearest devotee and keep singing the glories of Bhagwan Vishnu all around the world while travelling. True to this reason, Rishi Narad went on become the world traveller who always sings and spreads the devotion of the Supreme Being all over in the hearts and minds of people.

Maharaj Ambarish – The noble king who with his ultimate devotion got the protection of the Sudarshna Chakr of Bhagwan Vishnu, yet was never proud of his achievement, but only considered it as a blessing of Bhagwan Vishnu. The king’s devotion was an eye opener for the short tempered Rishi Durvasa, who tries to punish the king for no fault of his. Durvasa understands that true devotion lies in humility when he sees that none of the divinities including Bhagwan Vishnu have the power to save him, but it was only Maharaj Ambarish who could save him from the fiery pursuit of the Sudarshan Chakr.

Bhagavattotama is the one who serves the Almighty with a desire to serve him, but not with an expectation that his service would yield him any benefit. Such pure devotion stands as an ever glowing lamp which not illuminates one’s heart, but brightens the surroundings too. With their devotion, they spread out the name of Bhagwan Vishnu in such a way that they remain dear to him as his Bhagavattotamas.