The great contributions of our Rishis

Goodness has a value which never diminishes even through centuries. Our Sanatana Dharma has always prioritised on spreading the goodness of our learning, science, arts, medicine and many more which helped not only our country but the entire world to rediscover and work on further developing contributions which helped mankind and other life essentially and to the best. Among such various contributions, the path breaking knowledge was handed to us by our great Rishis.
Rishi Agastya – A rishi who put all his life in helping out mankind through his amazing knowledge. He is the favourite of all, right from Bhagwan Shiv to Shri Ram. He was the one who taught the sacred mantra Aditya Hrdayam, the source of energy to Shri Ram. In his work Agastya Samhita, he mentions the process of making copper batteries which further helped to invent the batteries.
Rishi Valmiki – The father of literature, it is because of his great contribution of Ramayan that the world knows how important it is to value principles like truth, humility, courage, love, unity and abpve all Dharma. Ramayan is not only the great epic of our country, but with the inspiration of Rishi Valmiki has spread its flavours in different countries in different languages.
Rishi Bhardwaj – He was the one who learnt the entire Vedas with utmost patience and never giving up till he mastered each and every bit of them. His greatest contribution was his astounding theories of aviation, space science and flying machines to the world. He described three kinds of flying machines, one which travels from one place to other, one which travels from one planet to other and the one which travels from one universe to other.
Rishi Charaka – Known as the father of medicine, In his renowned work Charaka Samhita, he has described around one lakhs of medicinal plants along with their qualities which help heal diseases. He has contributed in branches of pharmacology and human anatomy and also propagated the importance of the correct diet to the human body
Rishi Patanajali – Yoga is a world famous healing power due to the great contribution of Rishi Patanajali. Known as the father of Yoga, He is the one who has given the yogic power to the world which helps free mankind from not only disease and sickness, but also stress and pressure of a highly competitive world.
Rishi Panini – The noble Rishi who created the grammar for the devabahasa Sanskrit, which is the mother of all the languages. In his work Ashtadhyayi, Panini describes the entire grammar, format and its usages, which further became a reference for many other languages to develop inot a proper grammatical format.
Rishi Aryabhatta – The father of Astronomy, it was rishi Aryabhatta who discovered many of the unknown mysteries of space. It was he who discovered that there was water on the planet Mars. He is also known for his contributions on eclipses and the movement of planets. His greatest gift to mankind is the number Zero which helped mankind progress in great frontiers in computer technology.
Rishi Kanad – He was the first person to explain the concept of atoms to the world. His theories of atomic science are till date the foundations of Atomic inventions. He studied how the atoms bonded with each other and how they form larger atoms.

Not only the above said, but there are many more rishis, acharyas, thinkers and philosophers who have given their knowledge , learning and life to the betterment of the world. Indeed blessed is the world to be progressing through their contributions.