The great couples to whom Bhagwan Vishnu was born as a son

Getting the benevolence and blessings of the Almighty itself is the greatest happiness and strength one can ask for and yearns for. But, the happiness goes to an unmeasurable extent when the Almighty himself becomes a part of the family as a son to the parents. In the sustenance of Dharma, Bhagwan Vishnu has taken innumerable Avatars and has chosen to be born as a son to pious and great couples for have stood all their life for Dharma. By being born to them as a son, he not only gave them the bliss of parenthood, but also made them an integral part in his duty to protect Dharma.



As the son of Rishi Kashyap and Mata Aditi – Rishi Kashyap Prajapati , the son of Marichi and the first progeny of Devas, Asuras, Nagas and mankind. He was also one of the Saptarishis married to Aditi, the daughter of Daksh Prajapati and gave birth to the devas. Mata Aditi was a chaste wife and a great mother too. She bought up all her sons the Devas in a righteous way and never let them be spoilt and misuse their powers for selfishness. Pleased by the righteousness of the couple, Bhagwan Vishnu grants them a boon that he would be born as their son in one of his various Avatars for protection of Dharma. Later, he is born as a Vaman, dwarf son to the noble couple as his fifth avatar, where he subdues Bali, the king of demons and makes him his devotee.

As the son of Maharaj Dasarath and Kaushalya – Maharaj Dasarath and Kaushalya were a pious couple in the Satya Yug who were ardent devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu. They perform great penance for his benevolence. When Bhagwan Vishnu appears and asks for a boon, the couple desires nothing but only the pure love of the Almighty. This pleases Bhagwan Vishnu immensely and he grants them a boon that he would be born as a son to them in the Treta Yug. Thus, the couple were re born as Maharaj Dasarath and Mata Kaushalya and Bhagwan Vishnu was born as Shri Ram to them. The bond of these three remains till date one of the most pure bonds of parent and child and Maharaj Dasarath is remembered as one of the greatest and noblest father since times ageless.

As the son of Vasudev and Devaki – Seeing Bhagwan Vishnu’s manifestation in his different Avatar, once Manu expresses his desire that Bhagwan Vishnu be born as his son too. Bhagwan Vishnu grants him his wish would come true in his eighth avatar as Shri Krishna. Born as Vasudev, Manu becomes the father of Bhagwan Vishnu. It is also believed that Nand Maharaj and Yashoda were Dhara and Drona, a pious couple who performed penance to Brahma Ji with a wish that Bhagwan Vishnu be their son. Brahma Ji appeared and granted them that as Shri Krishna, they would get an opportunity to raise him as his son.

It is said that parenthood is one of the most precious relation of the world and by born as a son, Bhagwan Vishnu highlighted this relation even more by making their names popular as the best parents one can ever have.