The great teachers who showed the student their purpose of life

A human has many bonds in life. But the one special bond which leads us to the real purpose for which the human was born is the teacher. Every human has a goal and purpose to achieve and the one who understands this and leads us to that becomes the best teacher ever. Such best teachers have been mentioned in our epics and Puranas who fulfil this purpose are many and are ever inspiring foundations of our Sanatana Dharma.

Rishi Narad and Prahlad – Prahlad, known for his eternal devotion on Bhagwan Vishnu, inherited his devotion from Rishi Narad. The pious sage was Prahlad’s teacher in the most exceptional way. With a purpose of saving Hirankashyap’s yet to be born child, Rishi Narad brings Leelavathi to his ashram.

One day, while explaining the greatness of Bhagwan Vishnu to Leelavathi, she falls asleep. Rishi Narad yet hears somebody listening to his preaching and is surprised to see that the sound is coming from Leelavathi’s womb. Understanding that the child was destined to be one of the greatest devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu, he teaches the unborn, who later came to be Prahlad, who went on to become one of the greatest devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu.

Rishi Narad and Rishi Valmiki – When Rishi Narad was stopped by a man who could not even spell the name of Rama in the correct way, Rishi Narad teaches him to spell it in the opposite way and this mantra works wonders on the man who transforms himself as Rishi Valmiki. When Rishi Valmiki wanted to give the world the ideal ways of leading life, then Rishi Narad tells him the entire story of the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram and asks him to author his story as Ramayan which till date helps mankind learn lessons of humanity and virtues through the life of Shri Ram Rishi Vasisht and Shri Ram – When Shri Ram comes back to Ayodhya after killing Ravan and restoring Dharma in the entire world, he is received with great warmth and affection by his Guru Vasisht. The noble sage feels elated by the achievements of his student and feels his life to be blessed as his guru.

It was a beautiful bonding that Shri Ram and Guru Vasisht had with each other which inspired Shri Ram to walk on the path of Dharma all his life. Rishi Vasisht taught Shri Ram the most beautiful qualities like, humility, courage and truth which Shri Ram implemented all his life and paved way for the entire mankind to follow the same.

Shri Krishna and Arjun – Shri Krishna had to serve the greatest purpose of his Avatar through the discourse of the Bhagavad Geeta to his dearest Arjun. As the Supreme Being from whom all life evolves and perishes, Shri Krishna taught Arjun the greatest duty of man to be detached to all the bonds and attachments which are materialistic and strive for only the one, which is the eternal bond with the Almighty. Shri Krishna through Arjun gave mankind the most valuable lesson to lead life with a purpose of Dharma and hence is aptly called the Jagadguru.

A teacher is the one who shows the path on which the student’s life purpose will be achieved. The student who gains this from the guru leads to a path of Dharma which becomes a path to be followed by one and all till times eternal.