The guide for every traveller in the journey of life – Shri Ram

Life is a journey with many joys which spread happiness and difficulties which make us strong. In this beautiful journey, Shri Ram is the perfect guide who can lead us the way with his imprints of love, compassion, humility and truthfulness which enrich our journey of life and makes it even more beautiful. He is the guide who has walked miles and miles and left footprints of his Dharma wherever he went.


The footsteps of truth are the first steps which were duly followed by Shri Ram all his life. Sometimes, truth sounds bitter, but it is the only one which lasts, and it was for this very truth that Shri Ram obeyed the promise of his father and became a traveller in the forest and also in the path of Dharma.

In his journey, Shri Ram made his brothers a part by being united with them always. It is because the brothers stood united for each other, an ill minded Manthara could not break the bond between them. When a family stays united, the journey of life does not break its flow and moves on.

There are many wise people one meets in the journey out of which the Guru is one who guides us in the path of life. Shri Ram had all the respect for his Gurus and mentors Rishi Vashisht and Rishi Vishwamitr to whom he was always humble. Obedience is the best ornament a person can adorn and Shri Ram wins the hearts of all through humility, unlike showing off his strength even after killing demons Marich and Subahu.

Mata Sita was his best companion in his journey of life and he proved that the life partner is to be nurtured with love, care and respect. He takes care of her each and every step when she accompanies him to the forest. He walks miles in search of her when she is abducted and builds a bridge on the Ocean to reach her. By regaining her honour back through killing Ravan, Shri Ram’s prove that they are companions for life in the journey they started.

The journey of life is enriched with the company of friends and Shri Ram proves to have a friend is to be one. Shri Ram was way ahead of his times in making friends without any relation to caste, creed, rank, rich and poor did not matter to him and he loved all equally and was known for his sweet speech and conversation. Be it NishadRaj Guh, Kewat, Jatayu, Shabari, Sugriv or Vibhishan, he treated all of them with the same kindness and affection. He simply stated that inequalities are created by humans, but not God.

In the journey of life, one encounters many new paths. We need to know which one leads us in the right way. Shri Ram chose the path of righteousness. He accepted hardships for the sake of his father’s integrity and chose to walk on the path of truth by going to the forest. Although he had all the chance of usurping his father’s throne, he instead offered it to Bharat. By choosing to be righteous, he became a perfect guide for all travellers in life to travel in the path of Dharma. In his travel of life, He proves that both the journey and destination of life as the journey helps us be better humans every day and the destinations makes us complete in life.