The important relations glorified by Shri Ram

Where there is Shri Ram, there is glory. Shri Ram highlighted the glory of his relations and devotees rather than himself and found immense happiness in it. There are different relations in life we maintain as part of growing. The manner in which we behave with them, portray ourselves is of much importance as it helps us move ahead positively in life. With his conduct, Shri Ram not only glorified these important relations, but laid down the ideals in retaining them in one’s life.


Parents – Parents are the representations of the Almighty as they give birth and a name to start one’s life. Today, the name of the parent attached to one’s name has merely become a suffix but Shri Ram with his conduct glorified his parent’s name with pride all his life. Kaushalya was his mother, but he treated Kaikeyi and Sumitra with the same respect. He wholeheartedly agrees to his step mother’s wish as his own mother’s and leaves to the exile. Today, one can follow Shri Ram’s path even by doing simple things like taking care of their needs, taking advice and counsel from them, giving care, and spending some quality time with the parents. This will definitely change life into a positive mode from the fast mechanical life.

Teacher – After killing Ravan, when Shri Ram returns to Ayodhya, Rishi Vashisht welcomes Shri Ram and says that his life has been fulfilled by being the teacher of Shri Ram. Shri Ram humbly bows to his feet and credits all his achievements to his guru’s blessings. Shri Ram is an ideal student every guru would love to have. He presses Rishi Viswamitr’s feet, takes counsel of Rishi Vashisht and always considers them as his preceptors in life. He glorifies the relation of a guru by teaching how one can make the best of the next important relation after the parents in one’s life.

Husband – When a girl gets married and comes to a new home, everything is new and different, so was the same to Mata Sita. But Shri Ram gives her all the love that makes her assured that her true home is Ayodhya, and not Mithila. He glorifies that a husband is the best friend a wife can have. Even today, when it comes to marriage, one blesses a new couple to be a Ram Sita Jodi which was glorified by Shri Ram and Mata Sita’s relation towards each other.

Brother – Shri Ram glorifies the importance of sibling relation which is very vulnerable in todays’ times. The brothers’ love is so great that Kaikeyi being the mother of Bharat could not influence him and had to succumb to Bharat’s devotion on Shri Ram. Lakshman set an ideal path of servitude with selfless love and Shatrughan remained the silent support of all. The beauty of their relation was Shri Ram’s bond of love which kept them united for life.


Friend – Shri Ram glorifies his friends by respecting them for what they are. Hence, a tribal person could become his best friend, a monkey king his support, a vulture his devotee and an enemy‘s brother his confidant. Shri Ram glorifies that friendship has no conditions except trust which is much needed in today’s tough life.

The above relations bind a man’s life and define his identity. Shri Ram maintained and glorified them so beautifully that mankind takes their name and remembers them whenever these relations are discussed.