The Karmaveer Shri Ram

In life, Karma plays a big role, and even God is not exempt from the cycle of karma. Being the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, Shri Ram himself faces the twists and turns of Karma and lets destiny play its part. However, what makes him different is he took destiny in his stride, be it happiness of sorrow and thus emerged victorious. As a virtuous person, he let karma do its work, and he simply followed it.


After his marriage with Mata Sita, if Shri Ram would have been crowned as the king of Ayodhya, then Ravan Vadh would have been not possible. As a human, it was his destiny that he was born for a purpose. Hence, Karma plays its role through Manthara and Kaikeyi and moves his life to the forest. With great composure, in spite of being a son of a great Emperor, he goes to live a life of a forest hermit without any comfort. But, it is because of his arrival to the Dandak forest for his father’s word that the Rishis were saved from the atrocities of demons and Dharma was retained.

It was not only to kill the demons, but Shri Ram’s destiny led him to the forest as there were many of his devotees waiting to get a glimpse of him. Shri Ram fulfilled the wishes of the simple Kewat by letting him wash his feet and releasing him from the cycle of birth. He goes walking miles and miles in the forest and visits the ashrams of Rishi Atri, Sharabhang and Suteekshan, gives them the immense delight of his presence and fulfils their life purposes of seeking his darshan. Destiny had a great role in helping the devotee meet their swami.

Life was peaceful at Panchavati till Shurpanakha came along, and it changed completely after that. Mata Sita in her incarnation as Vedavathi, curses Ravan that she will be the cause of death of the latter. Hence, Karma connects the events which lead to her abduction by Ravan. Shri Ram on the other side needs a reason to attack Lanka, as it is not right on part of a Kshatriya to attack a kingdom for no reason. Hence, when Mata Sita asks for the golden deer, he goes after it, even though knowing that this incident will separate him from Mata Sita. The couple who never stayed separate from each other even for a minute were separated by Karma for the greater good as Shri Ram’s destiny was to kill Ravan and establish Dharma.


Not only killing Ravan, Shri Ram’s incarnation purpose is to fulfil the ideal of a righteous ruler and establish a Ram Rajya. Hence, he bears the hardest decision of his life when Mata Sita leaves Ayodhya and goes away to the exile as he believes his role as a king is top priority than his personal life. Mata Sita as an ideal wife takes karma in her stride and takes the responsibility of bringing up their sons, Luv and Kush as great warriors and noble persons just like their father. With all his life following the play of karma, indeed Shri Ram is the Karmaveer who inspires mankind to do deeds of karma with courage and humility. When one takes up the challenges of life with a smile, challenges become inspirational lessons of life and give way to good karma all life.