The king who made Rishi Durvasa run in all the three worlds

Among the devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu, Maharaj Ambarish was the foremost. The Bhagavata Puran, mentions about his devotion on Bhagwan Vishnu. Being a great devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu, he performed many sacrificial rites. He was righteous king and all his people too were noble and righteous and lived in prosperity and conduct of Dharma. Ambarish performed great penance about Bhagwan Vishnu. Pleased by his devotion, Bhagwan Vishnu granted him the protection of his Sudarshan Chakr that it would come to him whenever Ambarish called it for.

Maharaj Ambarish observed the Dwadshi Vrat which is considered to be the favourite of Bhagwan Vishnu. The Vrat required observing a fast on Ekadashi and breaking it on the auspicious day of Dwadashi. Once just as Ambarish was about to break the fast, Rishi Durvasa came to visit him. Ambarish duly welcomed Rishi Durvasa, with due honours and mentioned to him about his fast and requested him to be his guest for the day. Rishi Durvasa agreed and said that he would take a bath in the river and return. A long time went, but Rishi Durvasa never turned up. The auspicious time to break the fast was running out and the king got worried. The wise Brahmins of the king advised him to take a sip of water and break it so that the fruits of the fast would be retained.

Rishi Durvasa arrived at that point and rebuked the Maharaj Ambarish for not waiting for him and insulting him. Rishi Durvasa was known for his short temper and anger in all the three worlds.

Although Maharaj Ambarish tried to convince him that he had taken only a sip of water so that the fast would not be violated, Rishi Durvasa did not listen. He took a strand of his hair and created a demon named Krtya and ordered it to kill Ambarish. Ambarish requested the Sudarshan Chakr to come to his rescue. The Chakr appeared in the spot and killed the demon and started chasing Rishi Durvasa himself.

Rishi Durvasa ran for his life, but the Chakr chased him everywhere. Rishi Durvasa hid in the great seas, mountains, rivers, but none helped. In fear of his life, he approached Brahma Ji and Bhagwan Shiv for protection, but both of them expressed their inability to help him. Helpless, Rishi Durvasa approached Bhagwan Vishnu itself to save him from the Sudarshan Chakr. Bhagwan Vishnu simply said that he was bound by the devotion of Ambarish and only Ambarish had the strength to recall it back. Rishi Durvasa realises the power of devotion at that point and all his arrogance subdues. He goes to Maharaj Ambarish and seeks pardon for his folly of insulting his devotion.

It was one whole year which had passed that the Sudarshan Chakr started chasing Durvasa, and till that time and Maharaj Ambarish patiently waited for it to return without having any food. Rishi Durvasa fell on the king’s feet and requested him to protect him from the Chakr. The noble king forgives the rishi and requests the Sudarshan Chakr to return back to Bhagwan Vishnu. Rishi Durvasa feels relieved and accepted Ambarish’s hospitality. It is only after Rishi Durvasa ate, that Maharaj Ambarish too had his meal. The true strength of devotion lies in its humility. It is so strong that even the Almighty is bound by it.