The less known mighty commanders of Shri Ram’s army

विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धि is an old, but golden saying. The negligence and arrogance of Ravan starts leading to the downfall of Lanka. Unable to accept the reality of Shri Ram’s greatness, Ravan resorts to last minute tactics of sending spies into Shri Ram’s army and find out their strategies of war. But due to Vibhishan’s vigilant eye, the spies Shuk and Saran get caught and are taken in bounded chains to Shri Ram.


However, the kind-hearted Shri Ram releases them and mentions to that they were doing their duty and he would not kill a spy. He also asks Vibhishan to escort them around and show them all their army so that they could give a detailed report to Ravan. Most importantly, he throws a challenge to Ravan to save himself from his deadly arrows which would demolish the beautiful city of Lanka. He warns Ravan about his anger which is as dreadful as the thunderbolt, and Ravan has none to save himself.

The great Vanar army as seen by Shuk and Saran was not something which could be comprehended in words. It had not only the famed warriors like Sugriv, Hanuman, Angad and Jambavan, but millions of mighty warriors who covered the Trikut Mountains like clouds covering the sky. The noted warriors were Nal, the creator of the Ram Setu and Neel whose power resounded in the woods with unlimited war cries. Nal had along with him a thousand crores and eight lakhs, bustling with great energy. Accompanied by Nal, was Sweta, the silver coloured monkey who had enormous strength and known for his power in all the three worlds.

Kumuda was another great warrior who roamed in the mountain range of River Gomati, who was waiting to rage Lanka to the ground. The leader of three thousand crores of great monkeys was Rambha. Another great warrior chief with one lakh and forty thousand warriors was Sarabh who feared none.

Dhumr, the elder brother of Jambavan was the king and chief of the bear army. He resembled a huge mountain and earned the respect of the whole army along with Jambavan, the wise minister and powerful warrior in Sugriv’s army. Shri Ram’s army also had warrior named Samnad, whose valour was similar to Devraj Indr and was born for the purpose of helping Shri Ram to fight the evil forces.

The mighty warrior who roamed on the banks of River Ganga, and fought wild mighty elephants was Pramathi who rose like a windy cloud in the hearts of the enemies. Another warrior was Gavaskh, with huge body strength ready to crush the mighty warriors of Lanka under his feet. Shatbali, the mighty warrior and one of the leaders of the monkeys shone like a blazing sun, which took an oath to destroy all the powerful warriors of Lanka and did not care for his life for the cause of Shri Ram.

Thus, Shri Ram’s army shone of such illustrious warriors who were completely devoted to the cause of Shri Ram. Shining as the radiant sun among all these warriors was Shri Ram

who was known for his conduct, strength, wisdom and glory. Shri Ram commanded the huge army of hundred thousand crores, and each and every Vanar believed in him with total humility and dedication and were waiting to crush the whole of Lanka on just one order of Shri Ram.