The lineage of Shri Hanuman

The birth of Hanuman was to give the world a representation of a devotee who was only born to serve his swami in the greatest way ever possible. It was not only Hanuman who was noble and strong, but the family in which he took birth too was a great one. Hanuman was the son of the great Vana warrior Kesari and Devi Anjana. Kesari was the son of the Brihaspati, the preceptor of the Devas and was a powerful Vanar warrior. He was known for his heroic strength after he killed great demons named Shambhasadan in a wrestling duel. For his strength equal to that of thousand elephants, he was called Kesari.


Devi Anjana was an apsara named Punjikasthala who was born on earth due to a curse by Rishi Durvasa. Her curse was redeemed when Hanuman was born to her as it was predicted that a noble and a courageous who would be born to exemplify devotion in the highest way would redeem her curse be being born to her as a son, and it was none other than Shri Hanuman.

Legend also mentions about a story wherein Hanuman was born along with Shri Ram and his brothers. After Maharaj Dasarath performed the Putrakameshti Yagna and obtained the divine Payas to distribute among his wives, he gave each of them a bowl of payas. But at the same time, a kite bird snatched away a portion of it and while flying in the froest dropped it in the lap of Devi Anjana who was worshipping Vayu Dev for a son. Vayu dev appeared in front of her and asked her to consume the portion of Payas which would give him a son, and thus Hanuman was born. As he was born out of the ordinance and blessings of Vayu Dev, he was named Pavan putr and Vayu Putr. The name also signifies his power with which he caught the sun thinking it was to be a fruit.

Another legend also says that Kesari and Devi Anjana prayed to Bhagwan Shiv for a mighty son. Pleased with their penance, Bhagwan Shiv transferred his form of Eka dasa Rudras through Vayu Dev to Devi Anjana’s womb and Hanuman was born as one of the forms of the Eka Dasa Rudras.

The Brahmanda Puran also mentions about the brothers of Hanuman who were born to Kesari and Anjana after him. They were Matiman, Shrutiman, Ketuman, Gatiman and Dhritaman. Kesari later became one of the chief commanders of Sugriv’s army and fought in the battle of Lanka.

Although unmarried, Hanumn had a son named Makardhwaj who was born when Suvarchala, the daughter of Nagas when she consumed his sweat drop on the way of his

travel to Lanka in Mata Sita’s quest. Makardhwaj was also a powerful warrior who later
went on to become the king of the neither world.
Not only Hanuman, but his entire family believed that he was born for the greater purpose to serve Shri Ram and completely supported him in his duty. With such great family to support him, Hanuman depicted the purest bond of love and devotion among the Almighty and the devotee, a bond of selfless service and unconditional love which marks what true faith is among a master and a devotee.