*The Mighty Ocean surrenders to Shri Ram*

A leader has the most important responsibility of solving problems ahead of him to accomplish success in a mission. Shri Ram sees the vast Ocean lying between him and the shore of Lanka and he needs to find a solution for all of them to cross the Ocean.

Although powerful to dry up the Ocean and move ahead, the humble Shri Ram decides to request the Ocean King Sagar, to give way for them. Shri Ram lies on the Kusa grass and starts praying to the Ocean without having any food and water. Three days pass in anticipation, but Sagar does not yield and the compassionate one gets angry.

It is always said that when a virtuous person gets angry, the consequences will be dire. Thew orld fears seeing the anger of Shri Ram and starts trembling. Shri Ram asks Lakshman to bring his serpentine arrows through which he would dry up the waters and make it a desert, thus paving way for the army to cross the Ocean. He mentions that calmness, humility and straight forwardness are not the qualities to be displayed in front of persons who boast of themselves and gears up to agitate the waters of Sagar.

Shri Ram aims the powerful Brahmastr on the Ocean. The earth trembles as if hit by the Vajr of Devraj Indr. Even before the arrow left the quiver of Shri Ram, the waters of the Ocean rose to the heights of the Vindhya and the Manthara Mountains and the wind became
dreadful. Shri Ram looks like a blazing fire of cloud and all the animals of the ocean were perturbed seeing an angry Shri Ram. Shri Ram says angrily that the king of the Ocean does not understand the power of his arrows which could not only destroy the whole ocean, but
also the entire universe.

No longer did Shri Ram stretch his bow to release the arrow, Sagar, the King of the Ocean rushed from the depths of the ocean accompanied with the rivers Ganga and Sindhu and sought refuge in Shri Ram. He humbly says to Shri Ram that it was not out of arrogance that
he did not yield, but because of his nature to be fathomless as per the creator who created him. He mentions that it would be against the rules of creation if he would become shallow
and give way to cross his waters. But he gives an advice to build a bridge upon his waters with the help of the mighty Nal who was the son of Vishwakarma, the divine architect. He promises Shri Ram that he would hold and safeguard the bridge and keep away all the
monsters of the sea away from them while they crossed his waters. With Sagar’s explanation and solution, Shri Ram calms down and gets pleased.

He then asks as to where should he release the aimed arrow. Sagar request to release it on a place called Drumatulya wherein evil people resided and spoiled his waters. Shri Ram does the same and the place becomes a desert, but with the blessings of Shri Ram, many herbal
plants useful to mankind come to grow there.

Every problem has a solution, the only thing required is the determination to achieve the means and find a solution. Shri Ram, with his willpower makes even the mighty Ocean surrender to him and create way to reach Lanka, thus proving that even the Ocean is also a mere nothing in front of his resolve to reach Mata Sita.