The Mighty Warrior and the Selfless Devotee – Shri Hanuman

The world has seen many devotees, but none can come in comparison to Shri Hanuman. Times have changed, the thinking and living conditions of mankind have changed but the devotion of Hanuman towards Shri Ram is still revered in the same way even after millions of years and will continue to be so. Hanuman’s strength lies in his eternal faith towards Shri Ram.


Not only for his devotion, but Hanuman is well known for his heroic deeds, marvellous strength, exploits beyond fear and finally his sense of duty towards his master. He is the perfect example of being called a Karmayogi who followed his ways of destiny. He never lost faith in Shri Ram and gained strength by serving him unconditionally and achieved the impossible.

Hanuman was born to Anjana Devi and the mighty Kesari belonging to the Vanar clan, by the grace of Vayu Dev, the wind god, and hence called Maruti. The Vanar clan though looked like monkeys in appearance were as civilised as humans and possessed special powers. They were the incarnations of celestials born for the purpose of helping Bhagwan Vishnu in his battle with Ravan. They were endowed with human speech and mannerisms and were proficient in all arts and sciences.

Born into such a special clan, Maruti was immensely powerful and had many wondrous adventures to his name. When he was a child, he went on the catch hold of Sun God, thinking it to be an apple. When the Sun god sought refuge near Indr, Dev Raj Indr hit Maruti on his jaw. Since then, Maruti came to be known as Hanuman (Hanu meaning bulged jaw). Seeing his son hurt, Vayu dev got upset and he stopped the flow of air in the world. The whole world panicked. The Devas consoled Vayu Dev and then Brahma Ji to pacify Vayu Dev, blessed Hanuman to be immortal, thus bestowing the name Chiranjeev.

Hanuman approached Surya Dev to be his guru and teach him all Vedas and Sastras. The Sun God put a condition that as he could stop anywhere in his course, Hanuman would have to travel along with him in the same speed of light. Hanuman readily agreed and travelled along with the speed of Surya Dev and mastered all the Vedas and Sastras proficiently. Surya Dev was immensely pleased with him and he requested Hanuman to be with his son Sugriv as his friend and minister and give him good counsel. Hanuman upholds the word of his guru, and thus becomes the constant companion of Sugriv since then.

Hanuman is also considered to be one of the incarnations of Eka Dasa Rudras, which are the forms of Bhagwan Shiv. Bhagwan Shiv sends one of his forms to serve Shri Ram, of whom Bhgawan Shiv himself is an ardent devotee. Thus, Hanuman goes on to become the greatest and the selfless devotee of Shri Ram and through his relentless faith and service explains the greatest philosophy of Service above Self. He in fact is the greatest weapon of Shri Ram in destroying Ravan’s ego and pride and creating fear of Shri Ram in Ravan.

Mankind even today is inspired by his divine persona and qualities and gain strength to fight all odds by worshipping him. He is the epitome of unflinching devotion and loyalty to Shri Ram and out of the great affection for Hanuman, Shri Ram blessed Hanuman to be the next Brahma for the coming Yuga.