The Myriad names of Shri Ram

रामाय रामभद्राय रामचन्द्राय वेधसे II रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीतायाः पतये नमः II
Shri Ram name is a source of joy. The above Shloka depicts the names of Shri Ram in a special way as it shows the affection of his parents, Rishi Vasisht, Mata Sita and the people of Ayodhya and it fondly reflects the beautiful relation he shares with them.

Ram – This simple three lettered word is the greatest joy to Maharaj Dasarath. Ra taken from the chant Om Namah Narayana and Ma taken from Om Namah Shivaya, Ram is a combination of both the Vishnu and the Shiv Shakti culminating into one. The utterance of the name was dearer to Maharaj Dasarath than his life and he lived and left the world too, uttering the same name.

Ramabhadra – Shri Ram was addressed by Queen Kaushalya, in this way due to his affinity with his care taker Bhadra. Right from his childhood, Shri Ram was under the care of Bhadra till he left for Gurukul Ashram. With compassion towards his care taker, Shri Ram liked to be called as Ramabhadra and Queen Kaushalya with fondness addressed Shri Ram by this name.

Ramachandra – Shri Ram was born to Queen Kaushalya, but he was close to Queen Kaikeyi too, as his own mother. Shri Ram was so very dear to Kaikeyi that she could not stay away from him even for a minute. Along with Queen Kaushalya, she took care of every wish of Shri Ram. During his childhood, Shri Ram was playing in the full moonlight and wished for the moon to come to him. He started crying for it and no one understood what to do. But, Queen Kaikeyi resolved this problem by bringing a mirror and showing the moon’s reflection in it. Shri Ram felt very happy to see the moon and it gave great joy to Queen KaIkeyi and she started addressing him as Rama Chandra.

Vedhase – In Gurukul, Shri Ram was a devoted student to Rishi Vasisht. With great dedication he mastered all the Vedas and understood the meaning of true knowledge. His preceptor Rishi Vashisht knew that in spite of being an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, yet Shri Ram chose to be his student and teach the world the duties of a student towards a Guru. As Shri Ram was the eternal master of the Vedas, Rishi Vasisht fondly addressed him as Vedhase
Raghunathaya – This was the most popular name for Shri Ram. Born in the righteous Raghu clan, Shri Ram bought great fame to his dynasty. For his righteous conduct, great warrior skills, and a loving nature just like Maharaj Raghu, Shri Ram was called Raghunath for being his reflection and practising all his traits.

Nath – Mata Sita’s world was filled with Shri Ram. Nothing was above her love and service of Shri Ram and both were inseparable. With all love and affection, Mata Sita addressed Shri Ram as Nath, and Shri Ram addressed Sita as Janaki, the darling daughter of Maharaj Janak.

Sitapati – With their compassionate nature, Shri Ram and Mata Sita won the hearts of all the people of Ayodhya, and thus their subjects fondly addressed Shri Ram as Sitapati, as Shri Ram was a part of Mata Sita through mind, body and soul. These names reflect the relation Shri Ram shared with them, but it is also true that Shri Ram responds to true faith and devotion and thus there for all in whatever name he is addressed in.