The ones who choose Dharma over power


Once the journey of life starts, it is filled with goals, ambitions, success, opportunities and options. It is up to each one to choose their way. But, there is one common factor which links all these, and that is Dharma. In the running race of life, one gets tempting options which would help gain success, however if they are not based upon Dharma, then it is not a wise option. An inspiration for the same can be taken from the Ramayan, where even though people had all the freedom of taking the tempting offer, they choose to be on the stand of Dharma.
Bharat – With the boons of Queen Kaikeyi, Bharat was given the power to rule Ayodhya. The icing on the cake was that neither Maharaj Dasarath nor Shri Ram were against Bharat becoming the king, but in fact left the entire rule to him. But Bharat abides to Dharma and Queen Kaikeyi learns a lesson about what is really important in life. Bharat makes her understand that power and riches are options in life whereas love and family are gifts of life. He chooses Dharma over power and rushes to Shri Ram to surrender for his mother’s mistakes. This act makes Bharat the representative of Dharma and Shri Ram mentioning that Bharat is the greatest among all the four brothers.
Shri Ram – When Mata Sita was abducted, Shri Ram and Lakshman search one forest to the other and finally get a lead from Mata Shabari to meet Sugriv. At that time, Sugriv was banished from Kishkinda and was in fear of life from Bali. It was pretty much clear that Sugriv did not have any army nor the power at that moment to help Shri Ram in the search of Mata Sita, and Bali was a better option for Shri Ram who wold have helped him in the search of Mata Sita. But Shri Ram again proves that Dharma is not an option, but belief that the one who is truthful is the strongest of all. Shri Ram not only makes friendship with Sugriv, but also returns back Sugriv’s wife and kingdom by killing Bali. When Bali questions Shri Ram of choosing Sugriv over him, Shri Ram simply states that he would always choose the side of Dharma, but never take sides of injustice for his own benefit.
Vibhishan – The virtuous Vibhishan had the mighty ruler of all the three worlds Ravan as his brother. The entire world paid obeisance to Ravan and if Vibhishan chose, he could have all the luxuries of life and spend his time in the shadow of Ravan enjoying all the comforts of life. But Vibhishan chose Dharma over his place in Lanka, and always advised Ravan not to cross the line of Dharma. When Ravan chooses war over surrender to Shri Ram, Vibhishan leaves Ravan and Lanka and surrenders to Shri Ram. It was a tough decision for Vbhishan to leave his home, kith and kin, but he proved himself tougher than anybody by choosing the side of Shri Ram rather than the injustice of Ravan.
It is through the acts of such people that it is proved that when one protects Dharma, it protects them. Through their clear stand, they prove that Dharma is not an option to choose, but a decree to follow, and the one who chooses it is the ultimate winner in life.