The only one occasion when the Sevak meets his Swami

Ramayan expounds the important relations of life, out of which the relation of the Sevak and the Swami or the servant and the master is also a significant one. The relation of Shri Ram and Hanuman gives total justice and completion to this relation and in fact has laid down standards of how selflessly should a devotee be and how affectionate a master should be.


However, it was not only the relation of Shri Ram and Hanuman which was seen here, but another less spoken relation, yet a significant one which was that of Garud and Shri Ram. Garud was the mighty vehicle of Bhagwan Vishnu and always in the presence of his swami. But as the incarnation of Shri Ram, Bhagwan Vishnu gave himself totally to the world of Maya and illusion and went through the cycle of life as a human without any miracles and powers. This made Garud separate from his deity as Shri Ram was in the human form, he couldn’t meet his swami till his master’s goal of killing Ravan in the human form was accomplished.

But when the devotion is pure, there is always a union of the Almighty and the devotee and this happens with Garud too. Although he had to stay away from his swami, there was one occasion wherein he got to serve his master again especially in the time when it was most needed. Garud comes to Shri Ram’s aid in the final battle of Lanka. When Indrajeet binds Shri Ram and Lakshman in the venomous coils of the Naagpaash, all hope was gone as to how to relieve the two brothers out of the deadly poison of the snakes. The entire world is shaken and none know what to do. But when Garud comes to know about the atrocity of his step brothers, Garud rushes to Shri Ram. He sees his rivals binding Shri Ram and Lakshman in their coils and gets angry. He starts a huge wave of wind with his mighty wings and the serpents start fearing that Garud is nearby. Sensing him in the skies itself, all snakes flee from there freeing Shri Ram and Lakshman from the bonds of the Naagpaash.

Shri Ram and Lakshman get up with renewed energy and all the monkeys celebrate the rise of their leaders. Shri Ram is surprised seeing Garud, thanks him for his great help and asks him of his identity. This is where the humility of the great Eagle is seen, wherein he believes that his swami’s task of establishing Dharma is a greater purpose than revealing himself to his swami. Although he had all the chance to let know Shri Ram that he was the mighty

Eagle Garud, he doesn’t and simply mentions that it is not the correct time to reveal his identity, and Shri Ram would know about him as soon as he killed Ravan.

Garud here is an example of how the duty of a follower is to just follow what his swami desires, instead of taking advantage of the situation. As the dutiful vehicle and follower of Bhagwan Vishnu, he does the job what is needed and flies away to Vaikunth Dhaam rejoicing in the happiness of meeting his swami, even though for a short span, but enough for a lifetime.