The people who achieved the right balance of truth in Ramayan

While it takes a lot to speak truth, it takes even more to always stand for it especially in situations which could be managed by breaking this simple rule and managing it off. Upholding this balance was difficult, yet followed by the noble personalities in Ramayan.


Shri Ram – In the battle of Lanka, Shri Ram got the chance to slay Ravan on the first day itself. It was a very difficult journey for Shri Ram right from the time Mata Sita was abducted. Following her trail, crossing the Ocean on foot and reaching the doors of Lanka was a gruesome task, and Shri Ram had all the chance to get his beloved back on the first day and finish the war. But being a follower of Dharma, he makes a difference. Looking at Ravan’s tiresome plight, Shri Ram says that he wouldn’t kill an enemy who has been deprived of weapons and asks him to return the next day with renewed energy, This gesture from Shri Ram surprises Ravan as he sees the virtues of Shri Ram greater than his.

Mata Sita – Undergoing the most difficult time of her life, Mata Sita finds the final ray of hope when Hanuman finds her in the Ashok Vatika. Unable to bear her plight, Hanuman offers her to carry her back to Shri Ram right at the moment and finish their painful separation. But, as the reflection of Shri Ram, Mata Sita does not accept this offer. Explaining to Hanuman that it would be against the honour of her family and Shri Ram to stealthily return back to Shri Ram and the right thing would be that Shri Ram kills Ravan and gains her back, thus restoring her and also his honour. Although the wait is difficult, she yet does not take advantage of the situation

Maharaj Dasarath – When Queen Kaikeyi shows her greed in the form of the two boons given by Maharaj Dasarth, the noble king is devastated. The king had all the chance to forgo the queen’s wishes and go ahead with the coronation of Shri Ram as he was still the emperor of Ayodhya. But as the king and custodian of Dharma of Ayodhya, the king takes the most painful decision in abiding to the queen’s wishes and sending Shri Ram to exile. Although he had all the power to say no to the greed of the queen, he forsakes the power for the sake of Dharma and instead gives up his life for the sake of his dear son Shri Ram

Vibhishan – To fight for Dharma is a different thing and to fight with one’s family for Dharma is a painful thing. Vibhishan goes through the same ordeal of losing all his kith and king for the sake of truth to win and sacrifices all his ties with his family. Although Vibhishan tries his best to dissuade Ravan from the enemity of Shri Ram, he fails and when the time to choose between Dharma and the family comes, Vibhishan choses Dharma over family. Although he sees all of his clan perish in the war, he silently bears the pain for Dharma

The decisions taken by these personalities in Ramayan are simple lessons to stand up for Dharma not only in favourable situations, but also in unfavourable situations too, which would give strength to fight any situation in life. When we protect Dharma, it protects us.