The people who stood for Shri Ram with total understanding for his Dharma

A human is controlled by the roller coaster ride of emotions. But, the wise one is the one who has control over his emotions takes all the joys and sorrows in balance. This balance is difficult to achieve, but not impossible with the support and help from the loved ones. Shri Ram was the enlightened one who had controlled his senses and emotions and was known as the Stitha Pragnya. In his following of Dharma, there were many a time that he had to take tough decisions. However, there were three people who never questioned Shri Ram about his actions but understood him in and out, in his walk on the path of Dharma. They teach that it is sometimes very necessary to support our loved ones even though the decisions are not our advantage.


Kaushalya was the principal queen and mother of Shri Ram, yet it was not authority she begot, but love which she spread among all her family members. Being the intellectual one, she always knew the reason and cause of Shri Ram’s actions. When Rishi Vishwamitr takes away Shri Ram and Lakshman with him, Kaikeyi had a complaint, but not Kaushalya. She understood that Dharma came above all bonds of love and Maharaj Dasarath cannot forgo his duty for the sake of their son. When Shri Ram had to go to exile, Kaushalya cries uncontrollably, but does not stop him from doing his Dharma. Although she undergoes all the pain, she stands as a silent support to Shri Ram in his adherence to Dharma, but never questions him.

It was not an easy job for Rishi Vashisht to be the teacher of the one who was the supreme being of the Universe and from whom knowledge itself was born. But Rishi Vashisht did his job well that made Shri Ram never step away from Dharma. When Maharaj Dasarath declared Shri Ram as king, Rishi Vashisth knew that life had a different story, yet he remains silent for the sake of Shri Ram’s purpose to be fulfilled and Ravan being killed. When Bharat requests him to order Shri Ram to come back to Ayodhya, Rishi Vashisht very well knew that Shri Ram would not deter from the path of Dharma and makes Bharat understand the same, but does not compel Shri Ram. He stands the greatest support to Bharat in the absence of Shri Ram, thus relieving Shri Ram from the worries and thoughts of his kingdom’s welfare when he is in exile for a different purpose altogether.

When Hanuman meets Mata Sita in the Ashok Vatika, Mata Sita in total grief asks him whether Shri Ram had forgotten her. This is when Hanuman explains the profound love of Shri Ram on Mata Sita. It was not that Shri Ram had explained Hanuman what he felt about missing Mata Sita, but it was the deep understanding Hanuman had about his swami. Hanuman explains the sorrow of Shri Ram to Mata Sita in detail and clears all her apprehensions and increases her confidence that Shri Ram would come to her and save her. Hanuman knew Shri Ram as not only his swami, but as the master of the entire Universe who had come to establish the perfect ideals of Dharma, and unconditionally supported him all times. Shri Ram could achieve what he believed with the silent support and understanding of these people in his life. Complete understanding is the greatest support proves Ramayan.