The pure adoration of Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita

The divine couple Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita are a beautiful sight to behold together. They stand out as the epitome of companionship and love between a husband and a wife.ImageSource

Bhagwan Ram had the great duty of looking at the welfare of his subjects and as an ideal wife, Mata Sita backed him up in every situation, even if it meant hardship for her. The forest life was tough, but they made it a heaven with their cheerful companionship. The whole of the forest rejoiced their staying and it was a wonderful sight to see their adoration for each other.

There are many beautiful collections of stories woven around Ram ji and Sita Ma which mention their divine companionship. Given below is one such oral tale. This incident although is a popular orally heard story, it gives a beautiful picture of their love for each other.

During their stay at Chitrakut, they both once went for a walk on the banks of River Mandakini. It was a beautiful evening and the weather was delightful. Ram ji wanted to amuse Sita Ma. He suddenly says to Sita very innocently, “Dear Sita, do you know that there is a kingdom called Mithila just nearby here?

Sita Ma understands that Ram ji wants to amuse her, but she says innocently, “Oh yes, I did hear about it, what about it? Ram ji says “I heard many wondrous things keep happening there”. Sita Ma hides her amusement and says “Really, may I know what such wondrous things are?

Ram ji looks at Sita Ma, gives a mischievous smile, and then acts astonished says that “I heard that children are born from earth while people plough the field. I have never heard of such wonders.” and laughs out heartily amusing Sita Ma.

Sita Ma laughs and decides to amuse him too and she says “Even I have heard about one such kingdom called Ayodhya”. Ram ji becomes curious what is she going to say, but does not show his curiosity and asks innocently “Yes, Even I heard about it, what about it? Sita Ma says “Even more wondrous things happen there, “. Ram ji is more curious and asks her, “What happens over there?” She calmly says “I heard that by eating sweet porridge (Payas or Kheer) not one, but four children are born in that kingdom. In Mithila its one child, but in Ayodhya it is four children, isn’t it more wondrous swami?” and laughs looking at Ram ji. Listening to her, Ramji also laughs out heartily and compliments Sita Ma for her sublime sense of humour. This is, but one incident which shows that whether a kingdom or a forest, what mattered to them was being there for each other.ImageSource

Bhagwan Ram’s love for Mata Sita was so strong that he wept in grief not knowing her whereabouts when she was abducted by Ravan. But, he did not lose hope or the determination to find her. He roamed from forest to forest till he knew where she was, and then he did the ultimate task of bridging the vast ocean to reach her, killed Ravan and got her back, thus fulfilling the vow that her protection is his greatest duty. The story of Ramayan is a story of pure love of Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita depicted in beautiful words beyond comprehension. (source – from various folk tales of the Ramayan)