The real owner of Lanka – Kuber

While creating the Universe, Braham ji had created ten Parajapatis, who would be his representatives and sons to ensure that the creation was in harmony with the Universe. One of the Prajapati was Rishi Pulastya who had a son Vishrava. As noble as his father, Vishrava was known for his intellect and righteousness. Impressed by his righteousness, Rishi Bhardwaj offered his daughter Ilavida in marriage to Vishrava. The couple gave birth to Kuber. Brahma Ji made Kuber the God of wealth and bestowed upon Kuber, the city of Lanka with all the riches of the world and the Pushpak Viman, which was the flying chariot. Kuber was accorded the status of Yaksha, the demi god and he became the ruler of the North direction among the Asta Dikpalas.


Just as the Rishis sought relation with Vishrava, the demon kings Tataka and Sumali too sought the friendship of Vishrava and gave their daughter Kaikesi in marriage to Vishrava. Kaikesi was a dutiful wife and an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Shiv. The couple gave birth to three sons, Ravan, Kumbhakarn and Vibhishan. Thus, Kuber became the step brother of Ravan being born to the same father, but different mothers.

Although Kuber was quite affectionate with Ravan, Ravan with ego and pride felt jealous of the riches Kuber possessed. After obtaining great boons and power for his penance from Brahma Ji and Bhagwan Shiv, Ravan attacked Lanka took the city and the Pushpak Viman for himself. As Kuber did not want any fight with his brother, he left the city of Lanka to Ravan and built a new city in the Himalayas named Alkapuri.

Built by Vishwakarma, the divine architect, Lanka was situated in midst of a plateau surrounded by three peaks of the Trikut Mountain. Geographically it was safe guarded by the Trikut Mountain from three sides and the vast ocean from one side, hence making it impossible for anyone to attack it. Lanka was known for its forests and gardens with their fragrances and numerous ponds filled with swans, ducks, lotuses and water lilies. The houses were eight storeyed buildings which looked as reaching the heights of mountains, decorated with beautiful flag posts and archways. The roads were wide in perfect planning. The city looked as if it was floating in the air and looked like another Kailash Mountain making it more beautiful than the heavens.

Such a splendored and a strong city was destroyed by Hanuman in a single night. This was a lesson from Hanuman to show Ravan that one burns in his own ego and arrogance. After the great battle of Lanka, Vibhishan was made its king and it was then that peace was restored back in the golden city by Shri Ram. As a noble gesture, Vibhishan offered the Pushpak Viman to Shri Ram. But Shri Ram requests the flying chariot to go back to its true owner thus rightfully restoring what was Kuber’s possession.

Immensely pleased by the noble gesture of Shri Ram, Kuber grants back the Pushpak Viman to Shri Ram, who gives it the freedom to roam the world and come when called for. Lanka and its splendored things is thus a reminder that riches and prosperity stay along when one is righteous and truthful, but do not succumb to power and might, thus giving the true meaning of being wealthy.