The reason behind worshipping Peepal tree (Sacred Fig)

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna stated himself as Peepal tree (Ashvattha) among all trees. Hindus consider Peepal trees as Lord Vishnu’s embodiment, that is why we worship them. It is also believed that Trimurti reside inside the tree; Lord Brahma in Roots, Lord Vishnu in Trunk and Lord Shiva in Leaves. We also consider them as the abode of our ancestors.


There are also a few rituals which Hindus follow for their betterment like, Women tie red thread or cloth around the trunk of the tree to attain a son, worshipping on Saturdays to obtain wealth since it is said that goddess Lakshmi sits under the tree on that specific day, establishing a shiv ling under the Peepal tree and worshipping it regularly you can earn materialistic happiness.

Atharveda regards PEEPAL tree as a paradise of Gods. It’s not just that it is religiously significant but it also has great scientific importance. The Peepal trees emanate a great amount of oxygen. Going around the tree during morning hours is said to give the worshiper an abundance of oxygen supply.ImageSource

Peepal tree is a great source of oxygen. It produces oxygen even during the night due to special photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism(CAM). This tree is also said to possess a good amount of medicinal properties. Its leaves, wood, roots, and bark are the source of remedy for many diseases. The parts of this plant also dominate the