The reason the divine sword Chandrahas refuses to listen to Ravan

One might have exalted powers, achievements and strength, but if not righteous, then nothing comes of use and are worthless. Ravan had mighty powers, divine weaponry and invincible boons from Brahma Ji, yet he succumbed to a man. All his powers and weaponry which he attained with great penance went in vain in front of Shri Ram. The ultimate example is that of the powerful sword Chandrahas, granted by Bhagwan Shiv itself, fails to hurt Shri Ram. The reason behind it not only the righteous conduct of Shri Ram, but also the misuse of such weaponry by Ravan.


The Chandrahas was granted to Ravan, by Bhgwan Shiv, when Ravan impresses Bhagwan Shiv with his valorous act of lifting the Mount Kailas. Pleased by the act, Bhagwan Shiv tells Ravan to ask for a boon. Ravan says that as he cannot be defeated by devatas, danavas, yakshas, gandharvas, nagas and all, he is almost immortal. He also says that he doesn’t count humans, as he feels they are insignificant. He then, say as Brahma Ji already granted him long life, he request Bhagwan Shiv to grant him the rest of his life, and also a divine weapon.


Bhagwan Shiv grants him the Chandrahas, his powerful sword. The person who has this sword could not be defeated by anybody and it makes the yielder the most powerful of all, but with a condition that it should never be misused or disregarded, lest it would be of no use and return back to Bhagwan Shiv. Ravan accepts it, and becomes the most powerful in all the three worlds. But, his ego grows day by day and he starts neglecting the respect to be given for his weaponry and only brags about them.With such growth of arrogance, Ravan uses the sword Chandrahas during his fight against Jatayu.

The mighty, yet noble bird tries to warn him and advises him not to abduct Mata Sita. But Ravan does not pay heed to his words, and a mighty battle starts. Jatayu fights with all his might with Ravan, and makes Ravan unconscious too. But with respect to the rule that the enemy should not be attacked when fallen unconscious, Jatayu waits for Ravan to come back to his senses. But, Ravan after coming back , disregards the rules of battle. He uses the Chandrahas on Jatayu, although knowing that he should not use it for selfish means and cuts the wings of Jatayu, thus wounding him. In his arrogance and lust for Mata Sita, Ravan forgets that he used the sword for an evil deed. This is where the sword stops responding to Ravan.


Shri Ram search for Mata Sita, and attacks Lanka with his Vaanar Sena. Ravan comes to fight Shri Ram in the battle field and uses all his weapons on Shri Ram, but all fail. Ravan then uses the Chandrahas again on Shri Ram. But this time, the Chandrahas does not attack Shri Ram, and returns back to Bhgawan Shiv. As Ravan misused the sword for evil deeds, it refuses to support him and thus, does not attack Shri Ram.

Ravan’s acts and deeds teach us the most wise moral that, although one possesses the greatest intellect and weapons, none is of use if one develops ego and arrogance because of them. It is always to remember that having power is not important, but the way how the power is used is what stands out and is important.