The reason why Rishi Vishwamitr chose Shri Ram to kill Marich and Subahu

In Ramayan, the role of Rishi Vishwamitr is short, but the most significant one. In the short stint of time with Shri Ram, he becomes the most dearly revered mentor of Shri Ram. It is always a matter of contention that being a great and a powerful Rishi himself, the sage chose Shri Ram to be the saviour of his Yagna. But, wise people always have a reason behind doing firm acts and there were strong reasons of Rishi Vishwamitr too, to choose a twelve year old prince and the darling son of Maharaj Dasarath as apt for his cause.


To announce to the world that the protector of Dharma had arrived- When Shri Ram had finished his tutelage under Rishi Vashisht little did the world know that he grew into a powerful warrior. On the other hand, evil forces of Ravan were tormenting the world with their destructive powers, and the world needed a hope. Rishi Vishwamitr who knew all this in his divine vision, decided to take up the task on his shoulders of giving hope to the world that their saviour had arrived. On the pretext that he could not kill the demons as he was observing the Yagna, he requests Maharaj Dasarath to send Shri Ram to save his Yagna. Although the king initially hesitates, on the wise advice of Rishi Vashisht, Maharaj Dasarath sends Shri Ram and Lakshman along the sage and the rest is history. By killing Tadaka, Shri Ram creates the first fear among the evil forces and sends a warning call to Ravan , that the time for his atrocities has come to a near end.

To relieve the cursed Ahalya – While the demons were the evil forces to be punished by Shri Ram, Rishi Vishwamitr also knew that there was a lonely woman and a sufferer in the hands of fate awaiting the arrival of Shri Ram. Rishi Vishwamitr knew that it was only Shri Ram who could listen to the story of Ahalya and reason with her circumstances and deliver her from the curse. Just as the great sage thinks, so does the noble disciple does, and Shri Ram by touching Ahalya with his divine feet makes her once more the radiant pious woman who is the chaste wife of Rishi Gautam, thus re uniting the noble couple once again. Had Shri Ram been not chose by Rishi Vishwamitr, the fate of Ahalya would still lie in the shape of a stone itself

Shri Ram’s marriage with Mata Sita – As the incarnation of Bhagwathi Lakshmi, Mata Sita was growing up under the adoring care of Maharaj Janak. It was evident and already destined that Mata Sita had a great role to play in the killing of Ravan, and hence the meeting of Shri Ram and Mata Sita had to happen, and this meeting was made just perfect with the help of Rishi Vishwamitr. With the vision of uniting the divine couple, that Rishi Vishwamitr chooses Shri Ram to accompany him to the kingdom of Mithila.

Shri Ram not only gained great weaponry with the blessings of Rishi Vishwamitr, but also won his beloved Mata Sita, and Rishi Vishwamitr was the privileged one who could play one of the important role in defining the life journey of Shri Ram, and it was for this very reasons that Rishi Vishwamitr chose Shri Ram to start the elimination of the evil forces.